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The Success Guidebook: How to Visualize, Actualize, and Amplify You

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In The Success Guidebook, readers will find inspiration, motivation, and a pathway to live their best, most fulfilling life. By implementing Elizabeth’s unique Ten Factors of Success—the behaviors consistently exhibited by people who stand out and behave with world-class excellence—readers will learn how to finally overcome the stubborn obstacles that have stood in their way and harness the power to move forward with clarity, a renewed purpose, and the personalized confidence to build a life of bold, brave, and infinite possibilities. Included are profiles of 20 people who exemplify these principles. Here’s the secret: You don’t need to be on a national or international platform to be world-class. You can have it right in your own home, to be and feel successful in each and every moment of your life. This is a guidebook to success that helps you learn how to tap into world-class behaviors and get the results you desire—at last.

Get a Guidebook to Success on April 23,2024

Are you struggling to find success in your life? On April 23, 2024, you can discover the 10 step framework that puts you on the road to success. If you want to be on the road to success, preorder the Success Guidebook.

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Praise for The Success Guidebook

Dream big, achieve greatness, and live life to the fullest. In The Success Guidebook, Elizabeth masterfully lays out the blueprint of what it takes to become successful. For the first time, achieving world class success is simplified. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. This book will change your perspective and inspire you to make a greater impact on the world than you ever imagined."


- Jesse Cole, Owner, The Savannah Bananas and author of Fans First

Elizabeth helps us understand that success is a concept as unique as the individuals striving to achieve it. This is a must read for all to pursue a life that resonates with your genuine happiness while dismantling the obstacles that have been holding you back. 


- Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino hit a homerun with this book, you get a blueprint for success and different ways to achieve success.  Get your notepad ready as you get a master class with this book.  

-Head Coach, Edwin Thompson, Georgetown University Baseball

The Success Guidebook is a curation of wisdom from those who have gone out and done it. Packed with gems, Elizabeth has managed to create the full 360 on the elements to create success in your life and career with actionable insights set into stories from people around the globe. A must read


– Indiana Gregg, Founder/CEO

“By diving into this book, you’ve already gotten your first win! Elizabeth’s insights in The Success Guidebook will help you to create a plan of action that leads to your desired goals and also gives you the strength to adjust and pivot when needed. The lessons within will remind you to celebrate your successes, big and small.” 

-David Meltzer (Legendary Sports Executive, best-selling author, speaker, and investor)


About the Author

In 2008, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino closed the door to her office to think about her life. When she opened it, she walked out, leaving behind an almost two-decade career in the financial services industry in order to open the doors for The Best Ever You Network. Today Best Ever You is a multi-media brand and platform with millions of fans and followers around the world. 

As the CEO and founder, guiding spirit and energy behind the Best Ever You brand, Elizabeth brings audiences together with the encouragement and inspiration. She understands firsthand the challenges of life, work, family, change and struggle can bring and has worked with people worldwide to illuminate their light within and help them uncover their best life and a better way forward. 

Elizabeth is a bestselling author of multiple books in the children’s book genres and in the self-help category, including the bestselling and award-winning books PERCOLATE – Let Your Best Self Filter Through and The Change Guidebook.  Elizabeth’s gratitude-based belief systems and behavior have helped people to transform their lives by using her unique blend of humility and world class excellence as a guide.

A member of the Forbes Business Council, and creator of YOU Magazine, Elizabeth hosts her long-standing syndicated podcast, The Best Ever You Show, which has millions of downloads and listens. Today as she continues to expand Best Ever You, Elizabeth has returned to the financial services industry and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Compliance4. Elizabeth holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in journalism from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa and attended Harvard Business School for Leadership. Elizabeth is also a Certified Master Coach through Wainwright Global Inc.

Elizabeth lives her daily life with multiple life-threatening food allergies. In 1998, Elizabeth nearly lost her life from an allergic reaction to almonds.  In 1999, she suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction while six months pregnant with her third son. She and her unborn child were hospitalized for more than a week following the reaction.  For more than a decade,  Elizabeth has served as a spokesperson for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT) and MedicAlert Foundation and works tirelessly to support others with similar conditions. She and co-author Sally Huss teamed up to create the bestselling children’s books A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies and Dream Big with Food Allergies and Elizabeth was featured in the book One of The Gang with football great Jerome Bettis. 

Elizabeth and her husband Peter reside in Maine, have been married for over twenty-five years and have four adult sons. As a family, they donate their time, money, and other resources to enrich the lives of others and support important causes. They have baked and donated tens of thousands of chocolate chip cookies for organizations and people throughout the United States. Elizabeth's cookies have even won first place at the Cumberland County Fair in Maine. 

Elizabeth and Peter also share three rescued cats and two dogs, Harley and Bahama, and can often be found in their gardens, in the pool, raking leaves, or depending on the season, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Meet the Contributors

Who share their stories in 
The Success Guidebook


Foreword by David Meltzer


Special Thanks to Jesse Cole, owner of The Savannah Bananas


Michael McGlone

Veteran Actor, Writer, Producer


Jennifer Vaughn

News Anchor & Author

thumbnail_image_6487327 (3).jpg

Julie Beth Buckman



Linda Pritchett

Founder/CEO, Get Smart Retirement Group


Indiana Gregg

Founder/CEO of


Del Duduit


download (17).jpg

Congressman Ric Keller

brian j esposito big sky bio picture.jpeg

Brian J. Esposito



E.J. Yerzak

Executive & Author


Lisa Gable

WSJ Bestselling Author & Former US Ambassador


Tina Sloan

Actress & Author


Liz Brunner

Author & Coach


Olympian Mitch Gaylord


Kelly Browne



Juli Ann Polise/Helen Polise


Author, Podcast Host & Comedian Amy Lyle

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