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Life Coaching Certification Online

Start your career as a life coach with a life coaching certificate online accredited by Best Ever You and the Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching.

Professional Certification: Accredited

16 Hours in Total

No prior experience needed.

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Life Coaching Certification Curriculum 

Foundations of Successful Coaching Introduction

  • Objectives of Coaching

  • Confidentiality and Ethics of Coaching

  • The Role of the Coach

  • Sustainable and Measurable Results

  • Best Ever You and WBI's Professional Coaching System

Mastering the Coaching Process

  • Developing Professional Client/Coach Relationships

  • Effective Communication Techniques

  • Goal Setting – Planning for Success

  • Action Steps – Measuring, Assessing and Rewarding Results

  • Accountability and Responsibility

  • Exercises and Practicum

Building Your Professional Coaching Practice

  • Business Structure and Record Keeping

  • Marketing Strategies for the Professional Coach

  • Acquiring Your First Clients

  • Setting Your Professional Fees

  • Identifying Opportunities in Your Community

  • Building a Referral-based Practice

  • Creating a Powerful Web Presence

  • Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations

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Fully Online Training

Our life coaching certification program stands out as a modern and accessible pathway to a fulfilling career, as it is entirely conducted online. This means you have the flexibility to pursue your certification from the comfort of your own home, fitting the coursework seamlessly into your schedule. The online format allows you to access high-quality instructional content, engage in interactive discussions, and participate in practical exercises, all while benefiting from the guidance of experienced instructors. This virtual approach not only makes the certification process convenient but also underscores our commitment to providing a comprehensive and accessible education for aspiring life coaches.

Your Instructor

Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino

CEO of Best Ever You

Master Life Coach and author of Percolate, The Change Guidebook, and The Success Guidebook.

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Why become a Life Coach?

Make a Positive Impact

Experience the joy and satisfaction of making a positive impact on people's lives. As a life coach, you have the opportunity to help individuals overcome challenges, discover their potential, and achieve their goals.

Build Meaningful Connections

Forge deep and meaningful connections with your clients. Being a life coach allows you to establish trust and rapport, and witness personal growth and transformation firsthand.

Fulfillment Through Contribution

Find fulfillment in contributing to the well-being and happiness of others. Helping people navigate through life's complexities and supporting them in their journey can be immensely rewarding on a personal and emotional level.

Growing Demand in the Industry

The demand for life coaches is on the rise as more individuals seek guidance in navigating personal and professional challenges. This presents a logical opportunity for a sustainable and potentially lucrative career.

Flexible Career Path

Enjoy the flexibility of being a life coach. You can choose your own hours, work with clients remotely, and even specialize in areas that align with your interests and expertise.

Continuous Personal and Professional Development

Engage in continuous learning and personal development. Being a life coach requires staying informed about psychology, communication skills, and various coaching techniques, which can enhance both your personal and professional life.

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Is being a life coach a good career?

Embarking on a career as a certified life coach is a resounding "yes" to a fulfilling and impactful professional journey. In a world where individuals seek purpose and balance, the demand for qualified life coaches is steadily rising, making this path not only personally rewarding but also financially lucrative. As a life coach, you have the unique opportunity to guide others on their journeys, witnessing their growth and success.

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The flexibility of this profession allows for a personalized work-life balance, whether working independently or integrating coaching into an existing career. Continuous learning ensures that your skills remain sharp, contributing to both personal and professional growth. Becoming a certified life coach is not just a career choice; it's an investment in a dynamic, purpose-driven future.

Video Call

Earn Your Certificate in 4 Days

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey toward becoming a certified life coach through our accelerated three-day certification class. In just 16 intensive hours, you'll delve into comprehensive modules, interactive workshops, and real-world case studies guided by passionate industry experts. The flexible three-day format seamlessly integrates this learning experience into your schedule. Post-course, solidify your understanding with several submissions due within 30 days, ensuring practical application of concepts. Upon successful completion, a prestigious certificate awaits, symbolizing your dedication to professional growth and marking the beginning of a fulfilling career as a certified life coach. Invest in your future, unlock your potential, and become a beacon of positive change in just three days.

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Accredited Certified Professional Coach CPC

The certificate you receive after completing the 16 hours of life coaching training and sending in your supplimental worksheets is accredited by:

  • Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching

  • Strategic Learning Alliance

  • Best Ever You

What is included in the Certification?

Sixteen Hour Certified Professional Coach Course facilitated by a Certified Master

  • 3rd party credentialing through the Strategic Learning Alliance

  • Telephone and Internet Access to The Best Ever You Network and Wainwright Global

  • Lifetime Use of our Coaching System and Materials

  • Coach Training Manual

  • Course Handouts

  • Proven Professional Coaching Tools

  • Quick Reference Guide for Coaches

  • WGI Certified Professional Coach Exam (included)

  • WGI Professional Coach Certificate of Learning in a digital format for your website

  • WGI Certified Coach Seal in a digital format for your website

  • Upon completion and acceptance of all course work, as well as a passing grade on the

  • SLA CPC® exam, you will have earned your credential as a Certified Professional

  • Coach. Your Certified Professional Coach Certificate that is suitable for framing and

  • hanging on your wall, will be issued by the SLA

  • 2 Year Membership in Strategic Learning Alliance Applied-Learning Professional

  • Community and more!

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