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Updated: Feb 6, 2020

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The unofficial American holiday. And the day after which employers plan for increased absences and decreased productivity. Seventeen weeks of football, followed by the playoffs. A year of preparation? Do we think the teams, players and coaches get here by accident? Of course not, and the preparation begins well beyond the first game or the first practice.

Most of the individuals participating have been preparing for this day for years. Since childhood with sandlot or organized leagues. The dream of throwing, catching or running for the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl has been part of their dreams. And so, as you read on, this brings us to what is on my heart today. Dreaming, and how many of us forget about the practice of dreaming as we reach adulthood.

As kids you probably dreamed of hitting the winning shot. Or throwing the no-hitter. Maybe running for the game winning touchdown or kicking the game winning goal. Or our dreams may have been about writing the hit song. Publishing the next great novel, taking steps on the moon or solving the previously unsolvable math problem. Today’s generation may write that next great line of code, develop the next iPhone, or dare I say become the next big YouTube star!

But for many of us, inevitably what happens when real life kicks in, or should I say kicks us in the gut. We may have great careers in banking, finance, law or the trades. And we have a tendency to get drawn into 9-5 survival mode. We work Monday thru Friday, sometimes more. Saving up precious vacation time to spend with family on once or twice yearly getaways. And unfortunately we may forget to dream.

I am not saying we lose our dreams. Sometimes this is where regret plugs in, and I will save that topic for another post. But you may look back on birthday # 30, 40, for me even 50, and wonder where the time went. And this is where I implore you, don’t stop dreaming! Only 2 teams make it to the big game each year, but does that mean the teams, the players have stopped dreaming of it. Chances are they may not make the big game in their careers. Just getting to play a game they love for a living is beating the odds. But each day, each season, they begin anew dreaming of being a Champion and raising that trophy. And reliving that dream from childhood in a variety of ways.

One of my dreams was writing a book, and eventually children’s books as a teacher. Well, after leaving teaching after 2 years, and letting my dreams sit dormant for another 20+ years, I am blessed to be working with Waldorf Publishing and my first children’s book will be released later this year. It may sell 10 copies, maybe 100 - hopefully more. But the feeling of this dream come true is hard to explain. And truly reinforces for me that we need to ensure we don’t go dreamless when we reach adulthood and the grind kicks in, challenging our reality and happiness.

So where do we start, how do we ensure our dreams live on, we may pick up new dreams, and we keep striving for them each day. Well for me it starts with Coaching. Find a quality coach or mentor, serving as a trusted confidant who can help push us beyond the mundane.

Then I believe writing or journaling are critical. Write down what you want, even beyond your wildest dreams. Do you dream of being an Attorney? Then maybe the written dream is you arguing a case before the Supreme Court. Or maybe even being appointed as a Judge.

Give that dream a voice. Speak it, even yell it from the mountain tops. Share it with your loved ones. Of course talk about it with your coach. Bring your dream to life in words, and begin to take the thought from your minds eye, to paper, to saying it aloud.

And for me, finally I move into daydreaming and visualization. I see my book on Amazon. I can see myself reading it to my daughters class. I can see myself speaking to a group of aspiring teachers about teaching and writing. I can see myself speaking to a group of dreamers about chasing passions. I can see my character as a stuffed animal, on t-shirts, maybe even in animation on Netflix!

And while we may not ever get to the big game, we’ll come closer than we would by letting the dream lie dormant. Seeing it only in the rear view mirror as regret. So we don’t end up feeling like, as famously said by Brando, ‘I coulda been a contender’! Heck, I’d still work for the Cubs in any capacity if they’d have me 😉 And never take yourself out of the game!

Sending love, light and laughter! ❤️🙏


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