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Father’s Day Finds Dads Will Adore

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Although Father’s Day is on fast and furious approach, finding that perfect gift for dear ‘ole dad can be even more of a challenge as many endeavor to stay home and shop online. To ease and expedite your e-Shopping expeditions, I’ve curated a killer collection of gift ideas. One or more will assuredly gratify the guys in your life. Honeywell Outdoor Evaporative Cooler CO610PM Model ( With temperatures rising as summer looms, you can easily keep dad from getting too hot under the collar. In fact, you can readily keep him cool and collected indoors and out with the powerful Honeywell Weatherproof Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler, which is built to cool large outdoor spaces. This includes outdoor patios and porches, backyard decks, large common areas, studios, workshops and more. The unit's triple-sided honeycomb and high-velocity fan delivers robust cooling to make any hot and humid outdoor space far more enjoyable. This Honeywell cooler is definitely a welcome upgrade to outdoor living. This model is even equipped with an ice compartment, wide 14" metal fan blades and a continuous water supply option since this unit uses water to cool hot air instead. New to evaporative air cooling? The sensation is like a lakeside breeze. Evaporative air coolers do not use heavy compressors or refrigerant gas to lower air temperatures, nor do they spray mist. Instead, they effectively reduce heat through evaporating water vapor into the air. They work most effectively in hot, dry climates. So keep mom—and all of her family and friends—cool, comfortable and confident in the summer months courtesy of the geniuses at Honeywell. Stealth Core Fitness Trainer ( Stealth is a super-cool device that combines fitness with gaming. It uses a person’s body movements as a video game controller while the user moves and plays along. That's where the name comes from: Stealth. It helps users "sneak" exercise into the day without bearing the burden of spending a lot of time. Just place a smartphone in the slot, choose one of several games from the free Stealth app and immediately start exercising while playing games! Stealth turns boring planks into a dynamic core and total body workout that is not only fun, but also highly effective—allowing you to get a workout at home in just a few minutes a day. Plus, there are virtually unlimited gaming combinations because Stealth is designed to never play out the same way. Every use is new and exciting! Stealth also uses people’s core strength to control the action on the mobile phone screen, making static exercises more engaging—for both the body and the brain. The company’s patented Dynamic Motion will have dad twisting, turning and rotating 360 degrees, playing games, burning calories, strengthening and toning muscles and having fun all the while. BetterAir Biotica800 ( In the current climate, health and wellness is of the utmost importance. Protect dad and everyone else under his roof with BetterAir. This air and surface purifier works to eliminate bacteria, pathogens and viruses in your house, even in the most delicate areas and objects. It can give his (and the whole family’s) immune system that much-needed extra boost, as this is the only Air Purifier using probiotics to help increase immune function and fight-off pathogens and diseases before they impact your life. Better Air uses a proprietary blend of probiotics called Enviro-Biotics to re-populate the indoor environment. An ultra-fine mist continuously releases billions of these into the air to land on surfaces, penetrate fabrics and infiltrate every corner where irritants thrive. Once dispersed, Enviro-Biotics consume the same food that bad bacteria need to survive. The result? Your environment is returned to the natural state where clean air thrives, so you enjoy your home like never before. BetterAir’s Biotica800 includes one Enviro-Biotics cartridge (good for a three-month supply). Also great is the company’s Natural Probiotic Environmental Sanitizing Spray, which creates a layer of microflora of beneficial probiotics to help emphasize dad’s natural ability to protect against organic irritants. Spray two to three pumps in the air and on shared objects such as keyboards, cellphones, yoga mats, door handles, airplane seat pockets, bathroom sinks, cutting boards and much more. The spray also reduces musty and foul odors, which is a much-welcomed bonus. And don’t worry about contact irritation because it is an excellent way to promote healthier skin by spritzing it directly on. Litter-Robot 3 Connect ( Cat dads rejoice! While we all love our feline fur-babies, cleaning those messy and stinky litter box bins leaves much to be desired. However, I’ve found a perfect solution, which offers a gift idea that’ll keep on giving each and every day. It’s the Litter-Robot—the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box on the market. It uses an innovative patented “hands free” sifting system that is triggered automatically just minutes after your cat exits the unit, reducing the chance of a lingering unpleasant odor. Beyond the luxury of not having to inhale all of those nasties, Litter-Robot also saves owners time by eliminating scooping. Plus, it saves money by reducing overall litter usage up to 50 percent, since it only removes the clumps from the litter. What’s also super handy is that Litter-Robot 3 Connect pairs with the Connect smartphone app to help keep track of one or more units from anywhere at any time, which provides yet more freedom from litter box duties. It also allows for remote monitoring of waste drawer levels and usage history, providing insight into the cat’s overall health, as well as providing alerts for when the waste drawer is full. Being a good cat parent has never been this easy. It’s better for dad, the entire family and feline as well. Neato D7 Robotic Vacuum ( Many dads do a lot of physical work around the house, but you can help him relax a touch more this Father’s Day with the Neato D7—a premium and highly advanced robot vacuum that does the dirty work so dad (or anyone else in the family, perhaps including YOU) will not have to. This smart and powerful robot helper features top-of-the-line technology and is highly feature-rich. This includes LaserSmart technology that allows it to intelligently navigate the home; zone cleaning that lets it clean specific areas on demand; no-go lines to keep the robot out of places it shouldn’t be; turbo mode that boosts suction to pick up pet hair and tough debris; voice compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts; and up to 120 minutes of battery life. Beyond all of those impressive considerations, what makes Neato particularly unique? First, the D-shape (which Neato first brought to the industry) was specifically designed to deep clean corners, unlike its round shaped competitors. The extended battery life is also best-in-class, allowing for a bigger brush and dustbin. This makes it particularly perfect to give even large homes a more regular deep clean. Lastly, Neato is the only robot vacuum to use LiDAR technology for its laser mapping. So, Neato can scan and map the entire house, creating up to three multi-floor plans for the robot to follow. With lasers, Neato can even clean in the dark, getting those hard-to-reach places under furniture. Instant Vortex 6-Quart 4-in-1 Air Fryer Oven ( Show dad you care about his health, well-being and penchant for convenience with the Instant Vortex 6-Quart 4-in-1 Air Fryer Oven. This appliance not only air fries, but also roasts, bakes and reheats to perfection using these four built-in Smart Programs. Plus, eight  simple touch controls are easy to use and read, making it easy to cook healthy and tasty versions of dad’s favorites with little to no oil—even giving him deep-fried flavor without the added calories and mess. For big eaters, the unit’s air fry basket is large enough to fit a two-pound bag of fries or a four-pound chicken!  With it, dad can also air fry juicy chicken wings, onion rings and more. Roast cauliflower bites, shrimp skewers, garlicky potatoes and chicken nuggets. Bake calzones or mini pizzas, fluffy cinnamon rolls and chewy brownie bites. Or, reheat last night’s dinner for lunch. All crisp-fried to perfection with deep-fried taste and texture, though using little to no cooking oil since food is cooked by circulating hot air driven by a powerful fan. So he can enjoy all of his beloved fried foods—guilt-free. Dad can even customize the time and temperature selects for total control and save his presets so meals can be made with the touch of a button.  Plus, it’s easy to clean since minimal grease means minimal mess. The black surface wipes clean and the drip pan and cooking trays are all dishwasher safe. Kendall-Jackson Wines ( Since the release of Jess Jackson’s first Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay in 1982, Kendall-Jackson Wines has long been regarded as pioneers of the California Chardonnay movement. Grapes from California’s cool, coastal regions make wines that are big, bold and flavorful, and are the perfect gift for imbibing-minded dads that seek out wines that can be paired with any kind food. As producers of America’s number one selling Chardonnay for 25 years and counting, Kendall-Jackson offers the full spectrum of Chardonnay. Here are five fab expressions that are all a perfect fit this Father’s Day: 1) 2018 Stature Santa Barbara Chardonnay, available for $80, is the crème de la crème, with grapes from the Camelot and Neely vineyards in Santa Barbara that offer opulent pineapple, mango, papaya and floral honeysuckle notes with a creamy richness finishing on the palate; 2) Jackson Estate Camelot Highlands Chardonnay, priced at $45, is crafted from single-vineyard grapes grown on the hillside above the Santa Maria Bench in Santa Barbara, featuring vibrant guava and tangerine flavors with notes of cinnamon, candied lime, and vanilla bean; 3) Grand Reserve Santa Barbara Chardonnay, at $22, has lush tropical fruit and lemon/lime aromas with a nice minerality courtesy of the calciferous soils in the Santa Maria and Los Alamos valleys. It features hints of floral notes, along with flavors of vanilla and spice to round out the palate; 4) AVANT, priced at $17, is cold-fermented in stainless steel tanks to create the purest expression of the Chardonnay grape. It showcases crisp green apple, citrus and tropical fruit notes, and is a wine that is youthful and lively; 5) Finally is Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve, also $17, which maintains its stronghold as America’s top-selling Chardonnay for over two decades. It’s long-revered for its flavors of pineapple, mango, and papaya with aromas of vanilla, honey and mild hints of toasted oak. Instant Ace Plus Cooking & Beverage Blender ( Another stellar kitchen innovation dad is sure to love is Instant Ace Plus Cooking & Beverage Blender that makes drink and meal prep a breeze. This high-speed appliance boasts a 54 ounce tempered glass pitcher with eight hardened steel blades that not only blend, but also cooks to make hot soups, stews, mains, sides, dips, spreads, sauces, frozen treats and more. With eight smart, one-touch programs and three manual speed settings, dad can quickly crush, grind and blend ingredients to prepare all of his favorites. Beyond smoothies, dad can easily and quickly make icy treats (or just crush or grind ice), nut butters and nut/oat/soy/rice milk. Four cold-blending programs make it easy to whip up tasty dips, milkshakes, smoothies and other cold beverages.  It has 10-speed customizable blending that’s paired with 26,500 RPMs of power. Or he can customize the cooking temperature for full control when preparing soups, purées, sauces and dips. It like a gentle, self-stirring pot that’ll heat and cook for you! Dad’s adjustments will be remembered automatically, plus there’s a Delay Start function and Automatic Warming. Thus blender comes with everything he’ll need: a patented 3-in-1 food tamper, measuring cup and cleaning brush and a food-safe, machine washable strainer bag. BlendJet ( Especially great for dads ever on-the-go is BlendJet, the original portable blender that’s available in 14 stylish colors. This versatile and powerful portable device is great for use no matter where dad may be: when at the gym, spending a day at the beach, hitting the slopes, relaxing in a hotel room or during a lengthy day at work—and everywhere in between. And highly versatile, BlendJet is a great way to make smoothies, blended frappes, protein shakes and so much more. Think portability and a compact size means sacrificing power? Think again! Powered by a rechargeable 2000 mAh battery, BlendJet is equipped with 6-point 304 stainless steel blades and a 5v motor that’s capable of blending in 90 seconds flat. And, each full charge promises up to 12 single-serving blended beverages. Designed with users in mind, each BlendJet portable blender is crafted with BPA-free, food safe materials and equipped with a built-in strainer, carrying strap and single operation button for ultimate convenience. Beyond it’s simple one-touch operation, clean up is super easy, too! When you’re done blending, add a drop of dish soap, fill with water and activate the blends to ensure your BlendJet is squeaky clean and ready for your next “bev-venture.” HUROM Citrus Juicer ( HUROM’s Citrus Juicer is perfect for dad’s simpler juicing needs all year thorugh, whether it’s taking care of large oranges for a breakfast OJ, medium lemons for some backyard lemonade (maybe the hard kind) or small limes for seltzer water. With a one-size-fits-all finned cone, the HUROM Citrus Juicer will help dad single-handedly squeeze any citrus fruit and yield the maximum amount of juice (leaving the rind completely empty). With automatic squeezing once the handle is pressed down, the motor automatically mimics the motion of hand-squeezing a citrus fruit. With such a simple and seamless process, dad will be juicing every day and getting the most out of every squeeze. A drip-stop juice outlet controls the amount of juice that is poured into a glass and avoids drippage. It even has a near-silent, yet powerful, A/C motor. There is a quick assembly method and it’s easy to clean with just three parts that mount on top of the motor. The squeezer cone also rotates automatically to extract juice easily and neatly. A stylish, stainless steel finish not only adds to the machine’s durability but it also complements almost any kitchen design and décor. Plus there are safety features, as HUROM juicers only operate if the chamber is precisely assembled on the base. Most importantly, no blades or sharp components are used in the design of their products, so dad doesn’t have to worry about a hospital trip in his near future. BURST Sonic Toothbrush ( As safety precautions around germs increase—particularly around travel—here’s a great gift for dad outside of sanitizer, masks and wipes. Many people would say that they brush their teeth to avoid cavities, have a sparkling white smile and enjoy fresh breath. While that is all true, the risk of not brushing your teeth extends far beyond. Poor dental hygiene can have a serious impact on your body’s overall health and even lead to the spread of germs. BURST Oral Care's Sonic Toothbrush, which has been clinically proven to remove up to 10-times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, is a quick and effective way to reduce bacteria and yuck-spreading microorganisms. In fact, it’s been clinically proven to provide up to 91 percent greater plaque removal versus a manual toothbrush. It provides enough of a deep cleaning to reduce bleeding gums up to three times more than with a manual toothbrush. In addition, it features Charcoal Bristles that are specially designed to remove surface stains, courtesy of it producing 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute. With one of the most powerful motors on the market, BURST will provide the deepest clean without damaging the gums. It also contains quad-interval technology, so every 30 seconds dad will feel a gentle vibration that serves as a reminder to move on to another part of the mouth. BURST was developed in conjunction with expert insight of dental professionals to be the best affordable electric toothbrush in the marketplace. So, it’s no wonder celebs like television personality and author Chrissy Teigen's tout it. And, as mentioned, this toothbrush is great for travel since it has four weeks of battery life with each charge, so it's perfect for dad is on-the-go. iStorage cloudAshur - Hardware Encryption Module ( The online “cloud” is under constant attack. This Father’s Day ensure data privacy for dad. When private information is faced with cyber threats, data must be encrypted in transit and at rest. If a hacker obtains login information to the cloud, providers won’t be able to distinguish between a legitimate user and a hacker, putting any and all information stored there at risk. Take preventative measures with the iStorage cloudAshur Hardware Encryption Module. By keeping the encryption key away from the cloud, there is an increase in the number of security measures from one-factor authentication (the simple cloud account login) to cloudAshur's unprecedented five-factor version. With cloudAshur, the user is in full control of the encryption key, protecting the data even if the cloud account is hacked. This device allows you to encrypt data stored locally on a PC or Mac and also files shared via email or file sharing services. Sharing this type of data allows for instant collaboration in the cloud securely, saving time in what would account for days of posting encrypted USB flash drives/hard drives to and from colleagues. It also works with all cloud providers, giving it complete uniformity. With it, dad can share sensitive information with authorized users in real-time, as well as manage and monitor other users and devices centrally. The unique collection of security features in the cloudAshur makes it trusted by police forces, governments and multinational corporations alike. Why wouldn’t it work for dad? 'Go Hang It' Picture Hanging System ( Here’s a stellar way to combat the ongoing problem and frustrations associated with hanging pictures perfectly, without that annoying slight tilt to the left or right. Go Hang It is a highly effective solution. With no tape measurers or rulers necessary, this product is an all-in-one tool. It works with sawtooth and wire hanging hardware, features a unique nail-marking system and also includes a built-in, removable level to help hang pictures straight. Go Hang It is a complete system, and comes complete with premium picture-hanging hardware including the V-Tooth Hanger—a completely reengineered, fool-proof sawtooth hanger. The Handy Level snaps off and easily sets atop the frame or top of the picture that is being hung. The Push Pin marks nail holes when hanging wire pictures, so dad doesn’t have to. It also comes with built-in Wire Hooks that accurately position wire hanging pictures. There is even a silicon latch that allows access to the detachable hardware-filled case. The kit itself comes with 85 pieces of premium hardware, plus its single-notch position hangers take the mess out of shopping for the right tools. There is zero measuring required and the Go Hang It device has non-slip feet to grip the wall when needed. It was designed with strength and durability in mind. Celliant Performance Sheets from Sleepletics ( For Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of sleep by upgrading his bedding. Soft, breathable Celliant Performance Sheets from Sleepletics are an amazing option. They combine premium, long-staple cotton with patented Celliant mineral-infused polyester yarns. These recycle body heat and reflect it back as therapeutic, infrared light while you sleep; naturally increasing blood flow to the muscles and improving local circulation. The result? A better night’s sleep, faster muscle recovery, increased energy/stamina and improved strength. They are the perfect combination of five-star comfort and revolutionary technology designed to promote a healthier, more restful sleep. They also help regulate body temperature, so dad can sleep cool. The yarns also create a soft, smooth and wrinkle-resistant fabric that looks and feels amazing while providing wellness benefits that support a healthy and active lifestyle. Celliant Performance Sheets are clinically tested and an FDA-determined general wellness product. They’re comfortable and silky smooth and with their sateen weave and sophisticated shades of chalk, blue, tan and light grey, they look as good as they feel. Plus, Celliant is permanent and won’t wash out (despite the product being machine-washable), so the health and wellness benefits last for the life of the product. Embroidered Collegiate Pillows ( Here’s a wonderful way to celebrate dad’s alma mater or whatever college he likes to root for: embroidered Collegiate Pillows available at catstudio. Working alongside each university—with collaborative input from a group of passionate alumni, fans, faculty, and locals—catstudio has created fabulous, officially licensed hand-drawn artwork celebrating college life. Their artists work with each school's Licensing Department, President's Office, athletics, and alumni to capture and illustrate the spirit and uniqueness of each school—the architecture, education, sports, history and traditions. Each school is much more than a logo—it's an experience! Created on tea-colored background, the 16x20-inch unisex pillows are accented with black piping, and finished with a zipper closure.  Plus, you can make this already great gift ever even more ideal by personalizing it. Just consult with your local monogram shop and easily add to the back—initials, graduation class, personal note, logo and more. From vintage to modern, cottage to mansion, coastal to chalet-chic, catstudio pillows will feel right at home in any design setting or aesthetic. Beyond these spirited and decidedly decorative original art pillows, catstudio’s collegiate collection also includes zipper pouches, dish towels, glasses, thermal bottles and fine art prints. Their collegiate gift line is personal, thoughtful and meaningful for any age. What’s also admirable about this company is that a percentage of each purchase is donated back to each respective school, serving to fund scholarships, student activities or recreational programs. ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest ( Here’s a great way to help dad feel great—or at least better—every day. The ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest is great to while he’s lounging or working—from home or at the office. This company’s line of ergonomic foot rests are designed to provide firm but comfortable support for the user’s feet and legs, helping ensure sitting position is upright. Elevating your feet has been proven to reduce fatigue and soreness in the legs, back and neck, and can also improve circulation. So for issues like lumbar or knee pain, it can proffer some notable relief. No matter your height, the ErgoFoam foot rest is adjustable, letting the user add or remove inches to the foot rest for maximum comfort. Flip it over and ErgoFoam becomes a rocker to keep feet moving, improving circulation. I even use mine under my knees while laying down to support my low back and alleviate pain. It’s just the right size for that and works like a charm. And, if you’re so inclined, it’s decidedly lightweight and can be backed in a suitcase to enjoy more ache-free travel. The foot rests are available in either premium velvet or breathable mesh, and the cover comes off so it can be laundered in the washing machine for easy cleaning and disinfection. While made from top-quality materials, all ErgoFoam foot rests are backed by the company’s limited “no questions asked” lifetime warranty. Mountaineer Brand’s Bald Head Care Bundle ( Mountaineer Brand’s all-natural products are great for taking care of all of dad’s facial hair needs. Now, this widely revered brand is taking care of those dads who lack of hair on top altogether! The Mountaineer Brand Bald Head Care bundle includes everything dad needs to exfoliate, cleanse, balance and protect his face and head. The complete system is made with all-natural ingredients, is free of toxins and chemicals and it also smells fantastic—well-scented for guys without being “perfumy.” This bundle includes a four-ounce Detox Mask, Head and Face Scrub, Head and Face Wash-Shave Soap and Shine Away, and a two-ounce Moisturizing Balm. The all-natural ingredients range from beeswax and oils to butters that soothe, moisturize and hydrate. Plus, the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil go to work on the scalp. The company’s proprietary blend of natural botanicals and plant extracts help balance PH, leaving dad with a greaseless, perfectly balanced head and face. Also, use the code LUXE10 at checkout for 10 percent off at CBD Sport Muscle Recovery Balm ( For the dad’s who love to work out, work around the house or are constantly on-the-go, give the gift of comfort with Chil Wellness’ Sport Recovery Balm—a topical that’s great for overworked muscles and stiff joints. The balm is availed as a 0.5-ounce stick that’s made from all-natural ingredients in the United States. It’s formulated with 500mg of high-quality, Bio-Nano, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD in combination with menthol, arnica, ylang-ylang and other essential oils and botanicals. It can be used after a workout, a pick-up game, a hike or just to treat those aches and pains after a long day of work. Simply use it on the affected area every two to three hours. And don’t worry about putrid odors because it smells great too. The Chil Wellness bio-nanotechnology is a process that creates CBD molecules as small as 125 nanometers in size, which is 700 times smaller than the width of a single human hair. This unique technology allows for more advanced formulas to help the CBD penetrate deeper into the skin. It is lab tested for safety, purity and potency and sourced from 100 percent American hemp from McCulloch Farm in Washington County, Oregon. The company uses only real essential oils that are steam-distilled from plants and flowers, as well as extracted or cold pressed from citrus fruits. Each essential oil contains hundreds of antibacterial, anti-viral, natural constituents that are easily absorbed through the skin. The Tryout Pack CBD-Driven Wellness ( Another great CBD option to help dad improve his recovery from his long and hard workouts is The Tryout Pack, which provides three of Mendi’s core recovery products. The pack includes the company’s Salve Stick, 10-Pack Gummies and the 15-Pack Gel Caps. These all-natural USA-grown CBD products are third-party tested, ensuring user safety and satisfaction. This bundle is a great starter kit to help dad get the hang of a new CBD-driven recovery routine. With Mendi's hemp products, he can trust he’s using nature's best ingredients for his body to stay as strong and healthy as possible. The Tryout Pack is a highly versatile starter option and a great addition to a recovery toolkit. Visit the company’s site to find out how international soccer icon Megan Rapinoe uses Mendi’s hemp CBD recovery tools to make sure she safely stays on top of her game longer. The pack is also TSA friendly for air travel within the United States, non-GMO and has zero traces of THC so there is no psychogenic effect whatsoever. The website is also offering a discount during “this unexpected offseason” amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. HurtSkurt ( Also in the spirit of easing dads’ aches and pains, check out HurtSkurt's revolutionary stretch-to-fit hot/cold therapeutic gel sleeves. They’ll allow dad to give his muscles the much-needed attention they need, while simultaneously permitting him to move about the day and stay active. As an all-in-one product, 360-degree compression keeps the HurtSkurt in place on the arm or leg without any additional accessories—just slide right on to the ankles, calves, wrists, forearms and other areas in need of therapeutic attention. The HurtSkurt is built to stay frozen five times longer than ice, allowing it to be brought in a cooler and still be frozen at the end of the day for remote use. The patent-pending design is stretchable to the fit and articulates at the joints, even when frozen solid, so dad can work, walk or drive while using it. Because the flexible fabric is extremely stretchy and durable, it allows the HurtSkurt to use 100 percent gel inside the panels. So, even when frozen solid, it will slide all the way up the arm or leg and stay there. The company designed it to make muscle and joint recovery more effective, convenient and even fashionable thanks to the range of colorful patterns available. All dad has to do is grab it from the freezer, or throw it in the microwave, and slide it on. No more ice bags wrapped in bandages; no more waking up in a puddle of water after a bag of ice melted all over the bed; no more ugly, scratchy harness devices that loosen and fall off; and no more having to lay on the couch holding an ice pack in place. Buddha Board Mindfulness Tool ( Discover an activity that can not only help dad maintain his mental fortitude in a time of upheaval, like during a global pandemic, but also teach the entire family how to relax silently and focus. Buddha Board is a unique mindfulness tool that uses the act of creating as an outlet for emotions, thoughts, fears and anxieties. By putting brush to slate, stress begins to be painted away. Simply paint on the surface with water and the creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, the art will magically disappear leaving behind a clean slate and a clear mind, with the surface ready for dad to create a whole new masterpiece all over again. The simplicity of the product’s design creates a quiet space for adults and kids, alike, to explore their thoughts, reconnect with their feelings and get grounded again. Buddha Board is inspired by the idea of living in the moment, wholly unplugged. It is also environmentally friendly as it only uses water—no ink, no paint, no chemicals—and it will last for years with proper care. It’s a really soothing option and a great way for dad to rid some stress and explore his creative side. DeRoseMeditation ( Meditation and mindfulness can help to cultivate clarity and emotional stability for many during times of uncertainty and change. Today, more than ever, it is important for people to keep a clear mind, find inner strength and have an outlet to help them manage daily stress and improve their wellness. Thanks to DeRose Meditation, dad—and everyone elsehas access to mindfulness practice sessions in real-time that are guided by expert teachers. The internet meditation sessions are conducted this way and may be accessed through DeRose Meditation's online platform. The classes are interactive, allowing for personalized instruction during the session and Q&A with expert instructors. The available classes include breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises and are intended to help participants manage stress, sharpen their focus and silence the mind. For those individuals who want to delve deeper into a mindfulness lifestyle, DeRose Meditation also offers the opportunity to experience their proprietary Mindfulness Design program. This experience consists of a 55-minute workshop on the topics of stress management and wellness, emotional intelligence and living an intentional life—priceless gifts that can truly enhance dad’s life in a meaningful way. ~~~

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