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Featuring You - Meet Kris Fuller - Author of Terramara: Mara's Transformation

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I'm Kris Fuller. I live in Enderby, BC with my sweet cat, Mia. 2020 has been a rollercoaster of events in my life. When I was mapping my year long plan in January, I had no idea the changes- good and bad- that would come. I met Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino (EHG) in January and we became friends, peers and collaboration partners. My author launch has been 3- fold and has been largely because of her.

Tell us about your book.

Terramara: Mara's Transformation is a fantasy world filled with magical water sprites, humans and an enchanted river. The sprites are called marhilias. They are made of water and all connected to one another. Their job is to keep the world green by watering it. The river is losing it’s power and the marhilias will not be able to keep the land alive on their own. A special sprite, named Mara, is the key to the worlds survival. It’s being published by Waldorf Publishing in Texas.

Why did you write your book?

I started writing Terramara when I was teaching in the UK. I thought it was important to ‘model’ writing during our literacy hour. So, when the students wrote, so did I. At least the start of it. It took me 12 years to get it finished and now published.

What advice do you have for other authors or those wanting to publish a book? When I first wrote Terramara, one of the things that discouraged me was all the rejection letters. In those days, I had to mail out letters and I have a binder full of around 45 letters telling me, ‘No, your book is not for us.’ and another 50 or so that didn’t bother to reply. It was tricky to know where to go! Look at why you want to publish and please keep going! I was blessed to have Waldorf take me on but if you are new, consider a self-publishing route. You can figure everything out using our friend Google! Also, get started on social You are already a writer, start a page for yourself!

How did you get to where you are today?

It’s been a weird, winding road. I have always kept moving, kept adapting and changing. I simply wasn’t happy working in schools, offices, working ‘classic’ 9-5 jobs. I was always craving something creative for myself, something different. I didn’t always know what it was.. but I kept trying things and I knew I wanted to help others. I started my first website and worked as a virtual assistant in 2012 and had only 4 clients. For me, that was a huge success and the thought, "hey, I can do this" really came into my mind.

I created and operated 123Artful (painting classes in pubs and coffee shops) from 2015-2018. Some of my experiences in 123Artful really showed me how I could impact others lives and I still wanted to adjust what I was doing to make it ...better. In 2018, I started Your Life Sparkles (YLS) as a social media platform for kindness, encouragement and self love. I think this is where I was meant to be all along, I just needed to find my way to it. I was inspired by so many people, my mom, my sisters, friends- old and new. One of the things that make MY life sparkle is being a writer and my dream to be a published author was still within me.

In 2020, I was meant to dig deep on a Year for Me. Ben and I had decided to allow me the year to spend time on self-development, grow my business, really define my platform and then go with gusto. The plan changed, but I still accomplished a lot including a publisher contact from Waldorf Publishing that allowed me to finally get Terramara out there.

How to do you yourself or others be their best?

I believe in a strong mindset. You must train your brain to love yourself more, be kind to yourself, do your best. This could be with journaling, personal mantra’s, gratitude practice, meditation, any number of ways. When you prepare your mind, when you fill your mind with positive self talk, you are in the right first step. I also inspire others to do their best by sharing my journeys on social media. My book journey, cancerwife journey, YLS journey. I am authentic and real in my work. I work on being my best constantly. This doesn’t mean I am perfect, just continually aware and growing.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I would like to publish more in the Terramara series and publish more in the Pinky Doodle Bug series. Our next book, Pinky Doodle Dance is scheduled to be released in May 2021. I'd also like to write another journal. Really, my goals are to keep writing, and with that, I would include increase my fan base! I want people to read and love my work.

Give us two shameless plugs.

Buy Terramara! It’s a delightful, fantasy story and your young adult reader (and you, to be honest!) will love it. It will be a GREAT Christmas present.. perfect timing. My 52 Week Journal with Best Ever You is another great gift. It’s 52 weekly prompts to write about who you are, reflect and grow within yourself. The journal has inspirational sayings, a certificate of completion, and bright artwork from illustrator/author Sally Huss to bring you joy.

What are a few of your favorite books?

Harry Potter

Hunger Games


Anything by Roald Dahl!

Why do you love working with your publisher?

The combination of all the services! From editing to cover design to layout, Waldorf Publishing ensured everything was taken care of. I had the final say, but it was really great to have a team behind me. I am also excited about their reach within retail platforms- schools, online, and bookstores. As a writer, I still have to do as much as I can to promote, get the word out and market my work but with a publisher, there is someone partnering in this job as well.

Where can people best reach you?

What is your website and social media links?

Find me here on Facebook and Instagram.


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