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Tales of the Wristband

Wrist*band- definition by Kris- an exclusive wrap around ones wrist indicating something special, some elite-ness, some importance.

Last time I wore a wristband... I was entering the Interprovincial Exhibition with my sister and her kids. We had FULL DAY tickets to ride. All. The. Rides. The wrist band of endless fun, joy and all the spinning you can take with little kiddos who.can't.get.enough. It was the summer of 2019, and the last County Fair I've been to. The wristband of joy.

Prior to that, my wristband was an all inclusive holiday. Mexico. Margaritas. Mochachos. Marriage. And money at the door. I already paid.. give me whatever I want. The wristband was neon green and it screamed to everyone LOOKATME.. and I welcomed it! I worked hard for that holiday and enjoyed every.single.second. The wristband of relaxtion. (also note, the marriage was my brothers.. haha)

And before that, wristbands were for concerts, clubs and VIP events. Few and far between for me- I've got a mix of "LET'S Go!!!!" and "WhereAreMySweats"- so the rockstar lifestyle was truly cherished when I got the chance to don one of these wristbands- The wristband of wild fun.

And today, my wristband is for my cervix. Now, at first, that does not sound fun, but clearly you did not meet K & N (the doctor and nurse who attended to me today). Upon meeting them, I broke the ice, "You look like nice-vagina-ladies." I said. And they laughed.

And they were. Chances are, I'm fine. But, I make jokes along the way. THIS was a necessary wristband. The wristband of precaution. The wristband of checking. The wristband of health. It's funny how you don't know ....what you don't know. Before today.. I never heard the word 'Colposcopy' and since sharing with my inner circle.. .my eyes have been opened with these comments: Oh, I've had that. My mom's had that TWICE. It's no big deal. You'll be fine. Everyone gets one.

OH? Wow.... good to hear...AND it was reassuring. Of course. But then, I could not stop a small wave of shame from rushing over me. WHY had I not heard of this? WHY was this unknown? AND .. the unknown (for me) is often scary.. so I thought.. I can't be alone in this.

And so.. in typical Kris fashion... I share... so buckle up... (I don't have a wristband of sharing.. but I should...)

Get your lady parts checked. (yes, regular pap!) Get your body looked after early.. and it's okay if you don't know the things for age 44... I didn't until this month either and I am still learning. And that's okay. It's okay if you don't know. BUT please go.. please be brave.

And share with your medical team. (And K & N... if you are reading. sorry.. haha.. I *may* have shared a little TOO much... as I was lamenting about my 'safe ability' to have hottubs, wine and masturbate after the test.)

Oh, yes, and I also cried my pants off. The emotional aftermath of being in a hospital. Being asked if Ben was still my emergency contact. Being asked about my sex life. Being asked if I wanted to watch the screen, is this cold, are you okay, does this pinch? It was all difficult... but also.. okay.

Tomorrow, I will make a wristband of celebration. No, wait. Too cumbersome and might not match my outfit of the day. I'll probably just lean on my old go-to. A certificate for myself. Sounds perfect. (And yes, it will be televised.)

EDIT: In all seriousness, please get yourself checked regularly. Men and women. Your bodies, your health matters and pre-screening and regular testing can make all the difference. Hugs from Kris


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