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Find Yourself

Find Yourself

I’m learning to climb mountains,

I am even learning to fly.

It’s how much I mean to me,

For when I am present, I can touch the sky.

I’d actually walk, run, jog or hike,

To keep meeting myself each day.

For this, I am my dearest one,

And my soul is here to stay.

I find myself often in these times,

where I pray for my soul to keep.

Where moments have already passed,

And the time is gone in a leap.

I don’t know why I place myself in the distance sometimes,

Because I am not really that far away.

Life keeps us apart - but in touch,

Day after day after day.

I am my own best friend,

This is where I treasure you and keep myself my best.

I am my own worst enemy too,

This is when I must learn to respect myself and keep me at rest.

I walked into my life one moment,

With the enemy stage all set.

I taught me all about love and worth,

And my match I had met.

I keeping praying for my soul to keep,

Like I said before.

But now it’s all peaceful,

With endless gratitude at the door.

It’s what I allow that will happen,

My energy is most surely mine to place.

It’s when I close my heart,

That my energy has lost the valuable space.

My self is waiting with open arms,

But it’s all in what I brew.

My self is waiting with an open mind,

It’s what is so incredible and so true.

The possibilities in life are endless,

If in the day to day you can clearly see.

Each moment is a gift to treasure

to find yourself and be the best you can possibly be.

Find Yourself.

Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino

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