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2020 Pandemic: Forcing Change

COVID-19 has caused us to look at our lives in a different way. We have started asking questions in a collective way regarding what is serving us and what is not or what is important to us and what is not. “Does my job continue to fulfill me?” “What are the things that are important to me?” My family, my friends?” “How much money do I need to be happy?” “What about my health, am I living a healthy life?” “Am I eating right? What I am eating, is it sustainable for the continued health and well-being of the planet?” “If I do not take care of the environment, then how sustainable is our future?” Wow, these are big questions! All these questions and more have come under examination during the 2020 pandemic. We can see that the planet is getting cleaner; without human interference, the air is clearer, and the water is cleaner. There is a direct correlation between what we do and the condition of the world around us. We needed this pause to have things come back into balance. People are spending more time in nature, planting gardens, and enjoying the time spent outside, nature is healing us.

We are also looking at how we relate to each other. It seems we are asking for social justice in how the judicial system works, in how we act toward each other, and how the police police us. The racial tension in this country is being released. In every major city people are taking to the streets. There has always been a ruling class in this country. The laws have been written to protect the interests of the wealthy and the big corporations. We are looking at how these laws affect all of us, and I believe many of these laws will be changed as time goes on.

Since the beginning of time, there has always been a ruling class, a distinction between the haves and the have nots. Look in the history books as far back as you can find history being recorded; you will see the hierarchy of those in power wanting to control the masses. Perhaps it is time that we take control and manage our own affairs. Coming out of quarantine, we are looking at a different world. The time has come to balance out the planet. Change is coming, and it will affect every sector: religion, politics, the health care system, financial systems, education, government, human trafficking how we treat animals and the environment and every part of our social structure. We are all waking up! The status quo isn’t good enough any longer; this is a time of great change, the greatest change.

I believe if we listen to our hearts and soul in the stillness of our own being, we can be guided to do the right thing. I have faith that this global re-set button will change the way we live and interact with each other in ways we have never seen before. This is the greatest healing the world has ever known. We are all in this together. This is the shift to higher consciousness. This is the ASCENSION!

Written by G. C. De Pietro author of A Soul’s Journey


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