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Alternative Approaches to Treat Your Mind, Body & Soul

At some point in our lives everyone deals with what we label as anxiety or depression. As with death, our culture is not accepting of or comfortable with many normal states we humans encounter; so, when we experience emotional discomfort the judgment and panic sets in which can create an unnecessary escalation, movement towards a treatment that will not support us, and self-judgment. And we have been primed for this reaction by the myriad ads for medications to treat depression, anxiety, and any other dissonance we might experience. But how about simply accepting that life is not always a smooth ride and that at some time or another we will all experience discomfort which we label as anxiety and depression. Some have more tolerance, and some actually have a physiological condition that is beyond their control. But in general, the anxiety and depression we experience is circumstantial, brought on by something that has happened; and given time to assess, deal with, and even heal from whatever caused it, it will dissipate on its own. How do we know what to do and when? Well, first we assess the genesis of our feelings. Then we have to decide if they are normal for the circumstances. If they are, we give them time to abate as we heal; if not, I believe we should turn to a merge of Eastern and then Western modalities, as necessary and without judgment. BUT if we jump to medicine without exploring the riches of what our psyche is telling us then we are possibly spiritually bypassing, and it will come back to bite us in the behind. Pain – whether in our body, mind, or soul – is an indication that something is amiss, something needs to be dealt with. Too often, we turn to medication to alleviate pain rather than exploring its root cause. To tolerate and explore where discomfort comes from are skills to be nurtured for they can lead us to great discoveries. To realize we are souls having this learning experience and to try and witness and detach and see the greater lesson is also a skill to be cultivated. There are so many tools available to help us through these times of growth including many that have worked for me. Not everything works for everyone but I have outlined some modalities that have helped me and others I know. When considering a new modality, always tune in and ask yourself if this is right for you What kind of feeling do you get? If it is a maybe, then wait; you will know when it’s a yes. Here are some safe and user-friendly options: Eidetic Image Therapy I do not believe that traditional talk therapy helps much; if anything, if circulates the same story and energy. I prefer and have had tremendous success with Eidetic Image Therapy, which you can learn about on with Jaqueline Lapa Sussman. By connecting with the images that reveal your story andreplacing them with the truth, the chemicals in the body are shifted. It is a known fact that thoughts create feelings and chemicals. We are a complex system, and one part affects the whole. Chi Gung Chi Gung is about moving the energy through your body. The Chi are the stuck emotions which affect body, mind and soul. I recommend checking out Sheng Zhen Chi Gung with Master Li on you tube. It REALLY WORKS. Make it a daily practice, even if only for 10 minutes a day. Nutrients Norm Shealy, MD, Neurosurgeon, has had tremendous success with many things, including Magnesium Lotion which contains the mineral which is so important for the body to work efficiently. He also suggests rings of oils that will balance hormone and chemical levels, the relax mate, the liss stimulator, and so much more. Check out Norm specializes in anxiety and depression. Methylation Many of us have genetic predispositions rendering us unable to methylate our B vitamins. Folate and B vitamin deficiency are linked to moods, so ask your doctor to check for this. It is a simple fix. Xymogen has a great methyl B supplement. Methylations status can also impact the efficacy of medications you take. Vitamin D is also essential for mental health and balance, so check that out and make sure to take D3 combined with K2. Breathing We tend to take breathing for granted. After all, if we are not breathing, we are not alive. Conversely, so long as we are breathing, that’s fine. But breathing correctly, and using breathing as a wellness tool, are things of which everyone should be aware. Simple pranayama breathing, where you hold one nostril shut, take a deep breath and hold, close the first nostril and release through the other nostril, and repeat seven times, helps to calm us and get us back in balance. Energy Clearing Each of us has frequencies running or, as Mas Sajady calls them, apps. These could be from a past-life ancestral carry-over in our DNA, they could be from our own experiences. Wherever they come from, the get in the way, and professionals like Mas offer programs to help you shift past and beyond them, quickly. Since this has worked for my own family members, I give it my seal of approval. There are so many healing and wellness techniques and modalities available to us. provides free information on many of these options and so much more, including interviews and articles from leading practitioners. Remember, there is a place for Western medicine, medications, and treatments. But so much of what we have learned to take for granted with Western medicine simply treats symptoms; and each medication we ingest seems to have side effects that make yet another medication necessary. So, whenever possible, take the time and energy to get to the root of your problem and access the most holistic remedy possible. A true fix will trump a stop-gap measure every time.

About Barbara Slaine

Holistic Nutritionist, German New Medicine Practitioner and Alkaline Coach, Barbara Slaine is the founding director of The Liphe Balance Center in Weston, Connecticut, and the creator of the free online healing resource,


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