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Balancing Act: Achieving Sustainable Success in Every Area of Life

By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino


Some things, or more likely, a series of things, earn us levels of success in our lives. The levels though, can often feel more like levers being pulled all at once, a couple at a time, or none. In this, a great debate ensues: How can we balance the levers to obtain sustainable levels of success that feed our souls, finances, families, dreams, and goals? Finding that formula to lasting success is why I wrote my newest book, The Success Guidebook, gathered experts in all fields to share their personal definition of success, and outlined the skills they used to find and maintain it. 

The stories of success can be raw and rough, lengthy or a straight shot across the finish line—although those are rare. Typically, we’ll hatch an idea or follow a dream, get blown off course, recalculate, and dig back in. We might repeat the process for years. That is a type of success achieved through tenacious mindset and sheer will. Some of the contributors in my book detail a driving, relentless will to achieve a singular goal. They embrace the pursuit, relish in it even, and their version of success is a series of boxes checked, positions attained, and satisfaction found in the development. They’re not scared off by time or delay, because they’re constantly pulling levers and managing each level as they step onto it. Both sure and steady, they remind us why having a plan and sticking to it is the expected sum of actions. I call this the success of the faithful and it is beautiful to see someone achieve a lifelong goal. But what about the rest of us? When faith has fizzled, the plan is in ashes, and we’re too tired to go on, what then?

Thankfully, success is patient. It will wait for us but only if failure or setbacks aren’t allowed to prevent us from trying again. In my work as a master life coach, I see the specter of failure rear its head long before its realized. Fear of failure is a poison that corrodes from the inside out, but only if we can’t define what the next right move is. That is a powerful tool for success, the vision to ask questions: Are there things I’m avoiding, is the fear of failure tampering with my path, how do I use it as a guide to success? Making room for success starts by entering a new space with the proper mindset. In each new chapter of life, enter as a leader, represent yourself as a listener, and offer compassion for yourself and others. Pull these levers all at once and watch the energy flow. Dreams and goals require risk so dare to be bold enough to see beyond fear. 

Your potential for success is directly linked to an ability to tap it, and that can be both innate and learned. While we may have obvious talents or a resume of achievements, there can be long-standing potential awaiting discovery. To reveal it, look first to remove the pressures that hinder us from becoming more. Success is beautifully fluid in this way, and when authenticity is finally found, the talents that brought us new levels of success can connect with passion and build even more levers for sustainable growth. Embrace the tension of purpose, because the potential for transformation in every chapter of life is vast. When we learn, once and for all, that success is malleable to suit us as our perspectives and expectations evolve, freedom from fear becomes a defining new viewpoint from which to gauge our lives. 

Inevitably, we will grow out of cliques, friend groups, and work colleagues. We might move from our family homes and settle in new regions and communities. Success may represent the ability to do exactly that, and herein lies another lever to pull: Relationships and networking. Connections are key to maneuverability and a productive network. Be mindful of your interactions at all stages of your career, leave a client or project knowing you did the work with integrity and focus, and offer a hand for someone on their own path to success, for you may be another’s integral lever to pull. Success is sharing, and what goes around may indeed come back around when it’s your time to shine. 

In each contributor’s story, I, too, am finding ways to grow. From business, health and finances to mindful appreciation of gifts and wisdom, success represents something different for each of us. Sure, there are mainstays that we learn to associate with success, but I see opportunities to make it my own in every way. So should you. By writing The Success Guidebook and opening my heart to the perspectives of so many trusted contributors, I can honestly say my future version of success may look differently from what I’d always imagined. If this book leaves one lesson behind, let it be just that: Success isn’t linear, but nor are we. Be brave, pull the levers, and let the possibilities rain down.

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

In 2008, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino closed the door to her office to think about her life. When she opened it, she walked through, leaving behind an almost two-decade career in the financial services industry in order to open the doors for The Best Ever You Network.

Elizabeth is a bestselling author, success strategist, change facilitator, trainer, and speaker focused on helping others root in gratitude and compassion to navigate change and breakthrough to their best success. 

She is the founder of Best Ever You, a revolutionary multimedia brand and platform with millions of fans and followers around the world. She is a tireless champion of others and believes in the need for the individual light within to raise the collaborative power of us and we.

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Success is akin to one man's muck is another man's brass, it comes in all shapes and forms.

On a personal level, over the last 30 years a successful career in analytical hypnosis, reiki and a spiritual coach could have been mine to embrace, had I chose to be successful in those areas.

However, had I chosen this path then for sure, I would have missed my true calling, which was to walk the path of relationship.

The path of relationships between myself, wife, children, grandchildren, sisters brothers and friends, would not have been filled with the love, honesty and truth, I've been blessed to share, with those for whom I most care.

I used what I've learned in life…

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