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Best Ice Cream Truck Treats and other chats on The Sports Biz Podcast

Summer is here and so is the ice cream truck. It's time to drop everything and run as fast as you can to catch the - slowest moving and by far the loudest - truck on the street. With that said, did you catch the latest SportsBiz Podcast with our friends Rob Thompson, Coach Celano and "Faugy"?

All sports talk and non-existent-fact-checking aside, the real treat of the show is Coach Celano's top ten list. This one he shared his top ten best list for Ice Cream Truck Treats. This sparked quite a conversation in our house about his positioning of the "Choco-Taco" at Number 10. (Despite the last place ranking, we will go ahead and publish this blog and the complete list below, however we will honor it with a photo and go ahead and agree on the SpongeBob ranking.)

Coach Celano's Top Ten Ice Cream Man Items

1. WWF Ice Cream Bar 2. Toasted Almond Bar 3. Cookie Samdwich (Choc Chip) 4. Mr. Softee Double Cone

5. SpongeBob Pop 6. Sundae Cone 7. Fun Dip 8. Bomb Pop 9. Choc Crunch Bar 10. Choco-Taco

The owner of Best Ever You wants you to know that this list is the opinion of Coach Celano. If you agree or disagree with the ice cream placements, you can tweet Coach at @CoachCelano. Be safe out there chasing down the truck and parents - hide your wallets - it's ice cream truck season.

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Unknown member
Jul 08, 2019

a typical show for us, strength and conditioning discussion followed by top 10 ice cream man treats. #NoFactChecking

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