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Cheering You On

Reminder: If you vocalize your dreams to someone and their response is dismissive, it reflects poorly on their ability to provide support, NOT the validity of your journey/goals.

Belief in yourself is SO powerful. Train your mind to celebrate moments. Surround yourself with cheerleaders (we are right here!). Any voice -whether it's your mom, best friend, sister, favourite boss, teacher, doesn't matter WHO- if it doesn't serve you, let it go. You focus on what you are focused on.

Consistency, commitment and CONTINUING are the things you need to do. Only listen to voices that lift, cheer and inspire you. You got this. You really do. You really can!

I'm here if you need me, Kris Fuller, the light of your life... celebrating every moment, every step, every second.

If you got a new door handle in your office, I'm here to admire it and love it! Great choice! Looks amazing!

If you have a business plan partially done, I'm putting my pom-poms on.

If you are closing your first six-figure contract, I'm getting the emergency glitter out of my pockets and tossing it in the air.

Bought a new shirt?

Went live?

Hit social media with a plan?

Bought a new laptop?

Hired more staff?

Went international?

New stationary?

Big or small, it matters. I am here for you! As are countless others. These are the three voices you need to listen to. The voices that are:

1. Cheering you on

2. Learning from you

3. Teaching you

Keep going forward!

Hugs from Kris

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