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Confidence, Communication & Courage--What Do They Have In Common?


Confidence, Communication & Courage--what do they have in common?

The answer is they are interconnected.

Recently, I have been addressing with my clients, my blogs, my Facebook Lives-- the theme of how we value ourselves, having a voice at the table and leaning into our worth. When I step back and think about what does this come down to … its confidence, communications and courage.

Yep! There is that common thread again, effective communication.

If we don’t know our why. If we don’t know and believe in our value and in ourself then we can’t effectively, confidently and comfortably communicate our story. Our value. Our point. Our convictions.

The key is to boost your CONFIDENCE so you have the Courage to take those risks, share your value and your voice. So that you can confidently, comfortably and effectively communicate your story.

It is so matters is so many different facets of our lives. Because no matter what you are going personally or professionally - communicating comes into play.


What can we do to boost our confidence?

While there are many difference ways to boost confidence and when working with clients I customize my approach to fit your needs. There are some tips that hold true to everyone.

1. We must quiet that inner critic in our heads! You know that voice that tells us we can’t, we shouldn’t, we aren’t good enough. The negative nelly. Moving forward we tell that voice, SHHHH! You are in timeout!

2. We must give our inner leader a loud and influencial voice in our head. They know what were are good and just how good we are. Listen to that inner voice so we show up as our best self in each situation.

3. Accept that we are perfectly imperfect. Work with what we got and start where we are. AND GO. NOTE: aim for progress. I promise progress over perfection will get you much further. We are human and humans are not perfect.

4. Plan for the next steps. Actions planning. Make the plan | Work the plan.

5. Be Persistent

-->Still struggling with feeling confident?

Here are some ways to tap into your value and find your confidence:

> Make a list of 3 - 5 things you like about yourself

> Make a list of at least 3 of your top skills

> Make a list of what your friends, family, coworkers like about you or find are your strengths - you know what everyone comes to you for.

>>Now take it a step further, with your strengths, come up with examples, demonstrate how you have successfully used those strengths for a positive outcome at work? (Hint: this is your success stories)

REMEMBER: “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will” - Zig Zigler

> Think about who admire or inspires you personally and /or professionally. What about their characteristics do you admire most? And which of them do you already embody? Which do you aspire to?

> How do you bring these learnings/qualities into your everyday life?



“You can, you should, if you are brave enough you will” - Stephen King

Having courage allows you - gives you the permission slip to take the steps into the unknown. We all have dreams, goals, hopes and visions. But for so many of us it seems easier to keep these “ideas” to ourselves rather than going for it. This is keeps us where we are rather than moving us toward where we want to be. Taking a courageous step could mean leaving our comfort zone and

- Taking a calculated risk

- Changing careers

- Asking for a promotion or raise

- Speaking at a meeting

- Stretching yourself

These courageous steps can be big things or small everyday things such as: showing up, speaking up, advocating for yourself, having difficult conversations, standing by your convictions, setting boundaries and honoring them, leaving a situation that is no longer serving you or no longer aligned with your values or career needs. Do this isn’t easy. And it isn’t comfortable.

Yet, the discomfort zone is where you need confidence and courage because it is where the magic happens; where transformation happens; where dreams become reality; where goals are accomplished.

And when you are there, you will need to be able to effectively communicate what you want and need to get what you want. You will need to know your why and be able to articulate your goals and values.

ONE FINAL THOUGHT: “Failure is the best way to learn. Thomas Edison once said- I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Michael Jordan one of the greatest basketball players of all time admitted, I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” The Japanese have a saying that translates to: “failure is the foundation of success. So as long as you learn from it failure can be your friend on your career and life journey!”

--- And I 100% agree with all the notions above. There is no failure, just growth! This exercise isn’t meant to be easy. It is meant to make you dive deep and think and explore and GROW!

Again, all of this comes down to being able to effectively communicate. To believing in yourself and your value. And leaning into your worth. I believe in you! I 100% know you can do it. Anything you choose. But #realtalk, it will take clarity, hard work and an action plan with multiple, realistic steps.

Think about what would be possible if you took that courageous step of intention! Are you ready for it to lead you to great things? Who is with me?

Have questions? Need support? Comment here on the blog. Or directly reach out to me at You don't have to do it alone. Sometimes the best way is have an accountability partner, if you want to learn if one of my signature programs is best fit for you, let's chat, schedule a complimentary strategy consultation:

I am Romy Weiss, a Career Transitions & Certified Professional Coach. I am a mompreneur, I have three kids, a dog and a husband. We live in Maine. And fun facts- each of my children were born in a different state. I love coffee, chocolate and red wine. My superpowers include creative problem-solving; being able to organize and thrive in chaos and effective communication. Oh, and I'm obsessed with elephants. I believe they are good luck. My grandmother instilled my love for them and they bring balance to the world.

As your NextSteps Coach, I enable, guide and empower adults who are overloaded and overwhelmed and at a career crossroads to change, reinvent, return to or advance their careers so they can find work/life balance and achieve their desired success. I teach tools and provide resources. I truly believe you should love what you do and do what you love. And yes you can do this at any age, as I reinvented my career in my 40s and you can too! I will partner with you to show you - you have transferable skills that are hireable and marketable and will bring value to another company, industry or career. I hold you accountable for your dreams and your goals and help you take the actionable steps to get there. I work with clients 1:1 and in hybrid coaching programs. All in live (virtual) settings so geography is never a barrier. My clients are getting noticed, being offered interviews, landing their dream careers and advancing them too. And they are confidently, comfortably and effectively communicating their story. I get you. I see you. I believe in you. Curious to learn more:📷


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