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Dance Like You Already Got It

Dance Like You Already Got It

To receive, you have to believe you’ve already received it. You need to speak, think, act, and live your life as if it’s already done. You need to live in the end result.

Allow me to share with you one of the most powerful practices that I’ve done over the last few years that has changed my life dramatically. This practice has helped me achieve great success in my career, amazing health, financial abundance, perfect peace, indescribable joy, and the opportunity to be happy every single day no matter what is happening around me. This has brought me so much joy, and it has defined my purpose.

After I do my morning prayer, which is usually in my car, I play one of my favorite songs, and I dance in my car. However, I don’t dance in vain. I dance as if the day ahead was already magical. I dance to celebrate what God has already done in my life. I dance with gratitude for all that I have right now. And I dance with amazing joy and energy as if what I’m desiring has already happened.

When Jesus told us to believe that we have received it that means we need to feel the feelings of having it now. This is the fastest way to manifest your desires and set the tone to have an amazing day. What better way to feel the feelings of having it now than by dancing?

The car dance is powerful because you will automatically give off good vibrations. Playing your favorite song will immediately make you at least ten percent happier and shift your mood and then adding your dance moves and visualizations allow you to be in a different stratosphere. When you do this properly, your imagination will run wild, and it will feel so real. When you get to the point where what’s make-believe in your mind feels so real, that’s what sets the miracle in motion for you to receive it.

You’ll be in a stratosphere of love, positivity, faith, and expectation. It will be very difficult to have a bad day after doing the morning car dance.

Back in 2017, I worked in sales for this large corporation. I had a goal to be the absolute best at what I did.

Every morning, I would do the morning dance routine and dance as if I had an amazing sales day. I bopped to the music as if clients said yes, and that deals were closed left and right. I didn’t miss a single day. I did the car dance in the morning, and I never let it get boring. I always found a way to have fun with it.

That year I finished in the top one percent in sales for that company, and I won a free trip to Miami with a stay at a 5-star hotel.

So many people tell me, “I’ll dance when I get my desire. I’ll dance when the promotion comes. I’ll dance when my prayers get answered.”

You’ve got it backwards, the dance comes first. The celebration in your heart and mind must take place first in order to speed up your manifestation.


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