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Ameribag - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 28

In need of the perfect travel bag? From navigating the airport halls to sightseeing around the city, Ameribag's Healthy Back Bag® is ready for all of your holiday travels and adventures. Spacious, compact and stylish, the Healthy Back Bag® is a single strapped teardrop shaped bag, designed to curve to your spine to immediately reduce stress on your back, neck and shoulders.

With the help of a leather craftsman, a doctor, and a chiropractor, the Healthy Back Bags offer the perfect combination of comfort, balance, and good posture. Unlike traditional backpacks that weigh your shoulders down, this bag distributes the weight along your back, ensuring maximum comfort and protection to your spine. With a cushioned single strap, travelers can easily swing their bag around to the front of their body for easy access to their belongings without ever having to take it off their backpack.

See why more travelers are taking the Healthy Back Bag® on trips this holiday season:

  • The Healthy Back Bag® is the only bag on the market made to keep your back in good shape, while providing an attractive hands-free bag that can go wherever you do!

  • It features large exterior pockets, a magnetic flap pocket, a key hook, an interior padded pocket and more.

  • Thoughtfully designed pockets allow your belongings to stay organized and keep weight distributed throughout the bag.

  • Every bag has an easy-see silver liningso rummaging is a thing of the past.

  • Trademarked teardrop shape that ergonomically molds to the shape of your spine ensuring the perfect fit. The more places a bag touches when you wear it, the lighter it feels.

  • The HBB contours to the shaped of your spine, distributing weight evenly across the back. No pulling, no straining, no crooked necks or uneven shoulders.

Ameribag also features the new Breast Cancer Cause Large Baglett in Microfiber by AmeriBag! It features hot pink lining, piping detail and an embroidered breast cancer ribbon. Large Bagletts are cute, fun and functional accessories! With a long adjustable strap, they can be worn cross-body, over one shoulder, around the waist or can also conveniently clip into any Healthy Back Bag to provide extra organizational capacity for life’s little essentials. Ideal for a night out, walking the dog, or keeping stuff handy while traveling. Includes interior and exterior pockets plus a very handy key hook. Partial proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Options as a continued give back for the support during Executive VP/Co-founder, Margery Gaffin’s treatment.

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