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Frogglez- Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 26

I'm a mom of four adult sons, so we didn't test these directly, despite my love of the boots and searching for Frogglez Boots in adult sizes and colors! So we tested this with my elementary school-age niece in Minnesota and she loves them! Her mom is also requesting adult sizes and colors, fyi!

I think this company has it heart in swim goggles at this point and has developed some interesting solutions to common goggle problems from hair issues to leaking goggles.

However, it was awesome to see the company reach beyond that and move into these boots because they are truly awesome!! Feedback was comfortable, no blisters, pants stayed tucked in nicely, well-fitting, true-to-size and kept feet warm and dry.

Frogglez® Boots are not only sturdy and adorable but also keep your kiddos pants tucked in tight and away from the water! No other rain boot has the unique neoprene seal that Made By My Dad developed for Frogglez® Boots which allows kids to be kids even in the wettest conditions. What does this mean to parents? Simple, less clean-up and more fun with your kids :)

Be careful with typical rain boots! They are full of harmful chemicals that should be far away from kids. Frogglez® Rain boots are made of 100% natural rubber with no harmful additives such as lead, pvc, phthalates, cadmium, etc. The paint is lead-free and the glue is formaldehyde-free. We put your kids first!

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