Elizabeth's Best - HABA Silicone Teether and Clutching Toy Caterpillar

Elizabeth's Note: I'm very proud to issue the HABA Silicone Teether and Clutching Toy Caterpillar my Elizabeth's Best award for excellence. We handed this to my sister's 6 month old son and he carried it around and it soothed his teething soul :) Perfect size for tiny hands and not too heavy. Toy is nicely colored and engaging also.

The caterpillar symbolizes potential and the promise of new life, so it's only fitting that our newest clutching toy for babies is a friendly caterpillar, curled up and resting peacefully on a leaf. Multi-textured for sensory development.

· Makes a great shower gift!

· Made of safe, silicone

· Perfect for grasping and teething.


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