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Paper Trax - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 26

As a mom of four young high school and college men, who were once "all things cars and trucks" younger versions of themselves, we can solidly all say Paper Trax is a winner! I didn't have this product when they were younger, but I wish I did, because in my head I used to think "oh-no, My walls!!!" Our kids would also get frustrated with building tracks and always thought it was more fun to build their own. They would often play with their cars over the walls, floors and anything that would have the cars, which was fine in reality, but I knew eventually we'd be repainting :) :)

Paper Trax is a wonderful solution and great fun!!

Paper Trax is a completely recyclable, all paper based race track created to race toy cars on Trax attached to your wall. Not only will your kids love PaperTrax, but it’s a reason to get the whole family together for some fun! The best news is, big fun comes with a simple set up! All you do is pop open the box, fold the Trax and stick them to the wall with a removable adhesive tape (Command Strips) and you and your kids will be entertained for hours on the Trax you create!


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