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Somersets Shaving Oils - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 28

Somersets Shaving Oils are a total game changer!

There never seems to be enough time in the day. You're constantly on-the-go and and you're finding ways to take short cuts to save you time. I admit, there are days I even dry shave. No water, no soap, no nothing! It's the worst!! Now I use Somersets shaving oils and it has changed my life! I get the best shave ever, even when I'm in a rush. They're tiny enough to toss in my purse or gym bag and I don't even need water to get the job done.

Year after year, New Year’s resolutions almost always surround new fitness goals, and the

month of January sees more new faces at the gym every year. While the newfound gym rush is applaudable, it’s hard to overlook the extra bodies on the treadmill, long lines for the showers, and considerably less locker space. That’s why Somersets luxurious and soothing shaving oils are the must-have for gym-goers looking to pursue their new fitness plans as conveniently as possible.

You'll get a quick, close shave with Somersets Shaving Oils. Somersets’ line of men’s and women’s shaving oils are conveniently packaged in tiny 5 oz bottles; the perfect size to toss into your gym bag. Somersets shaving oils require no water for even the closest shave across tough stubble. And with just a few drops per shave needed, there’s no need to repack your gym bag when you get home each day.

See why Somersets shaving oils are the perfect shaving oil for a new you:

For women:

  • Choose from Extra Sensitive for Legs and Underarm or Delicate for Bikini Area

  • All-natural Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, Lavender and Rosemary ingredient list mean no razor bumps for sensitive skin. Shave quickly without fear!

  • No cuts or razor burn; Somersets offers “the world’s most comfortable shave”

  • Up to 60 shaves from one compact bottle, 5-6 drops per leg is all that’s needed!

  • No water needed, making them ideal for crowded locker rooms

For men:

  • Choose from Maximum Glide Shaving Oils in Original, Extra Sensitive, or Tough Stubble

  • Shave quickly without fear of cuts or razor burn; Somersets offers “the world’s most comfortable shave”

  • Up to 90 shaves from one compact bottle, only 3-4 drops per shave needed

  • No water needed, making them ideal for

packed gym sessions

  • Somersets bottles are smaller than your razor itself, and fit perfectly in gym short pockets or gym bag

Made in England and now available in the United States, Somersets can be found in Walgreens,,, as well as several regional chains and select independent stores.


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