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Violet Love Headbands - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 28

Thank you for sending me these. I look at headbands like this on other people and think they are so cute but have tried so many of them and most give me a headache. These don't!! These stay in your hair with no fuss at all. They don't slip and they don't give me a headache (and hopefully you won't get one either!!). Very cute patterns and the fabric used is very soft and goes back into original shape.

Violet Love Headbands are great for workouts, outdoor activity, or simply adding bo-ho chic style to any outfit. Made from a unique ‘no-headache, no-slip’ fabric that’s buttery soft, absorbent and washable, the headbands can be worn wide or thin. They also have a line of fleece lined headbands for winter.

About Violet Love Headbands

Made in Los Angeles, Violet Love Headbands was founded by Rebecca Michaels, who began as a civil engineer in Maryland but left that world to pursue her creative passions.

She launched Violet Love Headbands in 2006 after repeatedly failing to find a headband that suited her active, but chic, lifestyle. Later that year, SURF EXPO announced Violet Love Headbands as the winner of their LAUNCHED contest, naming it the hottest new product.

Whether it’s dressing in boho-chic style, working out at the gym, or enjoying outdoor excursions, the “No Headache-No Slip” headbands are the perfect solution. Not only affordable and versatile, the headbands are also eco-friendly. The company uses recycled inks and allergy-free and vegan dyes. Plus, by reusing their printing cylinders and recycling the solvent inks, Violet Love Headbands produces virtually no water waste or emissions.

The Signature Couture Collection comes in bright, wild patterns on a washable fabric that should be line dried or laid flat. The Performance Solid Collection are bright, single-colored headbands that can be worn during heavy workouts. The Performance Solid Headbands are made from a lighter weight 13.3-ounce High Count Poly Microfiber fabric that is highly absorbent and able to be both machine washed and dried.

Violet Love Headbands are available for adults and children. The adult size measures 9” long and 2” in diameter and costs between $17 and $19. The child’s version is 8” in length and 1 ½” in diameter and retails for $15.

There is also a Winter Collection, which features the same quality, colorful Violet Love Headband but with a fleece lining for $22.


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