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WagSwag by Charlie & Spike - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Products

Updated: Apr 28

Elizabeth's Note: These are absolutely adorable, functional and easy to use - dog not included :)

Charlie and Spike’s WagSwag interchangeable Harness and Fashion Fronts are THE go-to holiday gift item for pets this season.

Features of the WagSwag Interchangeable Harness and Fashion Fronts:

  • Interchangeable designs in a variety of collections and styles

  • Breathable Mesh for comfort

  • Adjustable at the neck and chest for a custom-like fit

  • Easy on-and-off squeeze buckles

  • Nylon straps

  • Shaped to not cut under the front legs

  • Sits well below the trachea

  • Two D-rings for id tags, charms, and/or leash attachment

  • Strength-tested

Choose daily from an ever growing variety of Fashion Fronts to change up your dog's look and express their individual style. You can also work with Charlie and Spike to customize a design of your very own!


For Dog Lovers, By Dog Lovers

As you might have guessed from the picture, the Charlie & Spike company was born out of love for our two Yorkshire Terriers. As enthusiastic pet owners, we are always looking for the best products when it comes to their safety and comfort. As designers, we strive to create unique items that are the perfect marriage of fashion and function. It was with all this in mind that the WagSwag Harness was born.

We wanted to fill a gap in the marketplace for an interchangeable, personalized dog harness, so we set out to make an incredibly comfortable, fashionable product for pet owners. After experimenting with a variety of materials and cuts, we created a design that’s worthy of amazing dogs and the people who love them.

In addition to being great-fitting and lightweight, our WagSwag Harness allows pet owners to have fun changing their dog’s look without having to purchase a brand new harness each time. With an always expanding collection of interchangeable fashion fronts, you can help your dog stay stylish at every occasion—whether it’s a walk around the block or a fun holiday party.

We’re passionate about creating the best products for our furry friends, so check our site regularly to find the latest and greatest items, designed especially for your dog.


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