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Featuring You - Meet Actress Megyn Price

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

The Rules of Megyn Price

By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino - Photos by #RusselBaer

I casually mention to someone that I’m about to interview Megyn Price for our magazine and the reaction is, “Oh, she’s hot!!” When I start talking to Megyn I tell her what happened and she said she is quite used to it! In fact, she tells the story of how her own brother had to check in with Megyn before the show “Rules of Engagement” aired to ensure it was clean because he had was gathering friends to watch. He frequently tunes out the “Your sister is hot!” comments.

In real life, Megyn Price is focused not on looks but on gratitude. “Life is incredible. Life is precious, “ she says. Megyn adds, “I wake up each day and am thankful for just the small things like my legs work, my arms work, I live in a free world and then I have so many blessings on top of all of that.” Megyn was raised in Oklahoma (we’ll refrain from show tunes) in a blended family of 5 brothers and 2 sisters in an 18-year span. She’s the only one to do anything as frivolous as working in the entertainment industry.

Megyn confesses, “In high school, I was the geeky, straight A brainiac kid and completely unpopular. I knew I loved acting and was accepted to both Stanford and Julliard, but being an actress didn’t seem smart, so I went the safer route and studied economics and journalism at Stanford. About midway through I had a total meltdown and realized I was fundamentally unhappy. So I chose a different path and began acting.”

Later she moved to Los Angeles. Her brother was dating a producer of a TV show who encouraged her to read for a part. Of course she landed the role, and got to pack up her investment banking job one day and appear on “Quantum Leap” the next. She thanks Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula for teaching her more about acting than most and being completely wonderful to her on set.

One wonders if all actors are interested in is just acting. So I ask Megyn, and boy, do I learn about rutabagas. Yes, root vegetables. You see. Megyn is a organic gardening master. She has a huge garden carved into the side of a hill in her yard. “Pesticide-free heaven!” Megyn exclaims. She says her daughter eats tomatoes like apples and her favorite recipes use celery root. She also loves blueberries. When she was pregnant she craved them. “In late pregnancy, while craving blueberries, I figured out a strategy of how to lay down on the ground and pick and eat them. I only get invited to fancy parties if I promise to bring my blueberry buckle dessert.”

We also learn of her other love, which is exercise. In fact, she is a triathlon competitor and challenges herself personally through exercise. This, she says, “is her little something for herself.” We’ve been on the phone for over an hour now talking about this and that and we get to talking about “Rules of Engagement.” Megyn says, “What a great show and amazing people. I’m surrounded by people I just love.” Which leads her to talk about gratitude again. “You know,” she says, “I was just reading this analysis of girls’ journals in the ‘90s compared to old times. In the ‘90s, the number one thing written was, ‘I wonder if I look fat?’ or ‘I wonder if that boy likes me?’ Back in my great-grandmother’s time it was ‘Was I kind today?’ ” She pauses and says “Think about that….Was I kind today? Say that to yourself a few times at the end of each day.”


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