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Focus On The Full Experience: You’ll Get There Faster!

We rarely enjoy change, even when we want that change. We will usually find any excuse we can to avoid the necessary steps to whatever that change may be.

For example, given that it is light so much earlier in the day, I’ve been attempting to get up earlier lately. Sigh. For me, getting up earlier is just not fun. Oh, it’s not about getting enough sleep, I do that just fine, it’s more that it’s so nice and snuggly under the covers, I’m not remotely motivated to emerge from all that comfort. But what does motivate me and gets me out from under the covers is when I think of what I would experience in doing so: having more creative time in my day, given that mornings are when I am at my creative best.

Thinking about the full experience that we seek with whatever our desired change is, rather than dwelling on the discomfort (mental or otherwise) of what it would take to make that change, is often what makes it much more doable.

Let’s say you’re sick of your current job. In plain speak, it sucks. Hours are too long, you’re underpaid and overused, and your boss wouldn’t know how to say ‘thank you’ for your extra-mile efforts if it bit him . . .

But here’s the thing: when you think about what it would take to get a new job, a better job, you’re exhausted before you even take the first step. You’d have to figure out what you want to do (realistically, not your fantasy of instant celebrity-endorsement bucks). Then you have to figure out if you have the skill set for what you’ve decided you want to do. After that, there’s your resume to polish up. Oh, and guess what? Then you have to sort out where to submit that resume. Which of the online services? Or who do you know who’d be willing to give you an in? The list of what’s needed goes on and on, and so there you stay: underpaid, overused, and never thanked.

What if, instead, you focus on the full experience you’re aiming for, the end result? That better job in which you can shine and be appreciated for your efforts. Now you have something to aim for, something that can motivate you to take those many steps essential to getting there.


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