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Grateful for all Name Tag Angels

Image credits: derekdevault

Today would have been my dad's 77th birthday. He passed away on Oct 19, 2018. I wrote this post many years ago and am bringing it back today, as there were so many people who helped us along the way... I'm thinking today of all of the people all around the world who are helping us all get through this Pandemic. So many Name Tag Angels...

Sometimes in jokes or conversation you might hear that it’s bad to go to a job where one has to wear a dreaded, often misplaced or constantly forgotten or even unappreciated Name Tag.

Well, tell that to the ICU Doctors and Nurses who all proudly wore Name Tags and have helped to save my dad’s life in moments and were with him when he passed and the lives of others too numerous to mention all around us. Name Tags can be critical. In the times of stress, the doctor or nurse may introduce himself or herself, say very clearly say his or her name, perhaps even a few times, and tell you what is going on or the course of treatment. When my dad was ill or when I’ve been in the ER with an allergic reaction to food, I’ve needed to glance at the Name Tag twice or even more to even try to remember, because under the stress I couldn’t recall who I was talking to and things were happening fast. 

Chaplain Holly, who visited with us when my dad was in the ICU, had to repeat her name at least four times and I found myself looking at her Name Tag to finally set it in my brain. Then along came the Priest before surgery to Anoint him. I saw the Priest was wearing a Name Tag. The head ICU doctor “The Intensivist” came in Name Tag and all. (Oh, and he was there at 1am and 4am too <with Name Tag> checking on my dad.)

In fact, most people who do things for you, probably have a Name Tag. Think of the person who cleans your teeth.  There are people wearing name tags who change the oil in your car.  Pilots wear them. The people who help make you beautiful in clothes at your favorite store wear them. Restaurant staff bring you goodies to eat when you are out complete with name tag on. The ones who fit you with the most perfect pair of shoes sport tags. Those folks who make you that first cup of coffee each day wear them too.  Many people wear name tags including those who may one day save your life or that of a loved one. Doctors, Nurses and those who have gone to school for a very, very long time put a name tag on.

Pause to take some moments to realize how many people in our lives help us.  

You have Name Tag Angels all around you. Cherish them and smile and most of all, take the time to know their name. They are helping you. Maybe post some kind words or write a thank you notes. Pause, if you can, and take a moment to thank those people who help you moment to moment or daily.

What else can we do to thank those around us?

About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Hay House author and founder and CEO of the Best Ever You Network, understands firsthand the challenges life can bring and has worked with thousands across the globe to illuminate their light within and help them live their best life. She has a degree in communications and broadcasting; is a life coach, food-allergy expert, and anaphylaxis survivor; and is the host of The Best Ever You Show.


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