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Coaching Services: How Much Can You Charge?

Coaches usually charge for a series (or a package) of coaching appointments, rather than charging an hourly fee like therapists or consultants do.

Successful coaches usually require their clients to sign up for a minimum of a 3-month contract so that their client will have the best foundation and support for sustainable transformation in their lives. The maximum length of a coaching package, that I am aware of, is 1 year.

Naturally, this is YOUR business and you prepare your packages and coaching sessions exactly how YOU would like to have them. After all, this is why we are in business for ourselves – right?

When determining your coaching rate, consider the following things:

1. The ability of your target audience to pay.

2. The amount of time commitment you are making to each client.

3. The total number of clients you need to have in order to earn the amount of money you need to live the lifestyle you love.

Much of what you can charge is driven by your coaching niche. For example if you enjoy coaching teens, your fees would be driven by the value you provide to the teen and their parents and what the parents have budgeted for their child’s extracurricular activities.

When it comes to a setting your fees for coaching services, keep in mind that you are helping to shape a person’s life. That’s valuable and so are you. Don’t sell yourself short. Command what you are worth.

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Barbara Wainwright, CPC Certified Master Life Coach and CEO of Wainwright Global, Barbara Wainwright is known as the most sought after teacher in the coaching and self-empowerment industry. She is famous for training and certifying over 6,200 professional coaches worldwide and for creating the "Wainwright Method of Coaching", empowering individuals to actualize their life purpose, live inspired lives and connect with their true passion so they can reach new levels of confidence and inner peace. She provides affordable hands-on coach training using state of the art coaching tools and systems.

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