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How to Detox Mind, Body and Spirit

WHY DETOX ESPECIALLY NOW ? It has been a long, intense news cycle and for many a stressful one. And it takes a toll on your body and mind after a while. The longer the stress, the worse for the immune system and all of the body’s organs due to the fact that the nervous system has been fired-up and on high gear, keeping you in a hypervigilant stress response. But there are some steps you can take to move ahead in ways that are healthier for your mind, body and spirit.

1 CELEBRATE OR COMMISERATE – have your feelings, talk about your feelings or journal them to get them out. Talk with others about ways to move forward and express how you feel. DO SELF-CARE to release all the long standing tension. Or depending upon your preference, CELEBRATE in a way that lends itself to SELF-CARE.

2 MEND RELATIONSHIPS – without gloating or carrying a negative intention, be sure that you mend any relationships that may have been stressed or damaged by political arguments and differences. The relationship is more important than politics. Focus on what brings you together and put any disagreements behind you.

3 STRESS MANAGEMENT Whether your candidate won or lost you have been under stress for a prolonged time. Become mindful and live consciously with focus on what is in front of you. In my book Get Reel Produce Your Own Life, I explain a lot of ways to distance yourself from media and focus on what matters most to you in your life. whatever relaxes you, a hot bath, mindfulness, being in the present in what is happening in your life right now, meditation, relaxation apps, doing something that is as different from the election concerns as possible. Get centered in spiritual life and get back to your values.

4 REDIRECT YOUR ENERGIES toward your career, pursuits that make you happy, family, hobbies or online learning. Clean out your office or home. When you watch TV or go on the Internet, watch anything BUT election news. Watch what feels good, offers comfort and deepens your happiness and sense of relaxation such as holiday movies and comedies. Join Dr. Nancy on CBS National News to find out why people just love to watch Hallmark movies! Check for the interview on Gayle King’s news reports during Thanksgiving week!

5 WORK TOWARD ACCEPTANCE. It is a process of moving through and feeling your feelings until you reach a place where you no longer feel resistance in your mind and body. You can agree with the outcome or not, but there is a time to eventually accept where you are right now. More resistance internally or externally is stressful. Live from your personal values regardless of the majority or minority opinion.

6 UNPLUG COMPLETELY. Take time away from all media and technology including social media.

7 FIND YOUR JOY with Family, Friends, Mindfulness, prayer, time in nature, spiritual pursuits, living in the present, or whatever brings you joy.

If you are still not feeling well CONSULT A THERAPIST. Many therapists are working doing telehealth so you can work with a therapist online. Consult the Psychology Today Therapists Directory and put in your zip code to find someone near you.

Nancy Mramor Ph.D. Media and Health Psychologist Award-winning author of GET REEL: Produce Your Own Life, a guide to living happily with media


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