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How to Find The Right Doctor

Whether we are holistically inclined or not, whether we have a knowledge and acceptance of alternative modalities or not, having a great MD on hand is always important. But what should we look for in a doctor? What makes an MD exceptional? While medical school provides doctors with fundamental knowledge, it is a variety of qualities, many of which are not taught in medical school, the separate great doctors from the rest. Open Mindedness If your doctor is not open to or curious about the effectiveness of alternative modalities, he is not the doctor for you. The second you hear a doctor say, do it my way and you will be cured, you know his ego has run amok and you should run for the hills. I have found that ego is one of the major culprits in medical mistreatment. Especially if a doctor has a specialty or is researching in a certain area, he may tend to ignore the bigger picture. Curiosity Your doctor should be open and constantly learning and seeking. Yes, they are busy, and yes, they are educated. But as in any field, there are always new discoveries and options – yes options. Many times they are not in the mainstream yet but are proving to be effective, and many times they are unfortunately not covered by insurance BUT this is your life we are talking about. Bottom line your doctor should have a curiosity about all the new discoveries and modalities. Empathy and Sincerity We are all different. Our environmental stressors, backgrounds, the causes of our particular disorders differ, and only when your doctor takes the time to get to know you is he able to treat you as such. Your MD should see you as a unique individual and diagnose and treat you to meet your specific needs. We are each an intricate symphony of mind-body-soul that needs to be honored. Ego and Tolerance Your doctor should be patient with your questions and not make you feel less than in any way. This is a working relationship which can only work when both people are communicating as equals and with respect. Your doctor should be open to all your questions. He or she should encourage you if you want a second opinion, not be threatened or make you feel ashamed. If your MD sets himself on a pedestal, run. Slow to Pull Out the Rx Pad Your MD should look for root causes of your issues so that while a medication might be needed, he or she sets you on the road to true wellness by suggesting modalities that are more user friendly to your body. The doctor understands that true wellness is empowering. Additionally if your MD writes a script because you ask and it is easier, well you are hurting yourself. Integrity, humility, conscientiousness, discernment and openness are qualities in your doctor that will end up serving you. Remember he or he is human and as we know many doctors have made many mistakes. We are ultimately responsible for our own your health. Check out your options and empower yourself. Here is to YOUR health.

​Holistic Nutritionist, German New Medicine Practitioner and Alkaline Coach, Barbara Slaine is the founding director of The Liphe Balance Center in Weston, Connecticut, and the creator of the free online healing resource,


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