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Joe Sperle Baseball - What's the Missing Link to Advance in Playing Sports?

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Highly regarded for all he does for others on and off the field, Joe Sperle is the President Owner of Sperle Pro & College Sports & Business Consulting. He also is President and Founder of the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League and host of the Joe Sperle Sports Talk Radio Show. His book, Athletes Guide to Success On & Off The Field will be released in 2020.

In this episode of his sports talk radio show, Joe shares heart-warming compelling stories of overlooked, talented baseball players who were cut from their high school baseball teams. Joe coached and mentored them, impacting their lives to play baseball in college on a scholarship, lead their teams to the College World Series Final-Four and be drafted by Major League Baseball teams. Joe also shares his 30 plus years of pro baseball experience that is a must listen to help athletes of all ages and parents.

Joe has over 30 years as a Sports Trailblazer , Executive & Consultant, and President/Founder of the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League as well as playing and professional coaching experience. Joe and his son, Josh, are 3 time Father-Son World Series Champions and Joe was the Father Home Run Champion in 2001. Joe was recently inducted to the ND Softball Hall of Fame and one of the teams he played on was voted the best softball team ever in ND with a record of 101-4. Joe went 5-5 in the Class A State Championship game that season hitting 5 home runs setting a state record. Joe hit 50 home runs that season with 7 of them walk-offs to keep their 49-0 game winning streak going.

Here's another episode of Joe's show with special guest Gil Patterson, Oakland A's Pitching coach and Minor League Pitching Coordinator and former #1 draft pick and pitcher for the New York Yankees World Champion team.

Gil Patterson was the #1 draft pick and pitching phenom for the New York Yankees World Champion team until 5 shoulder and 3 elbow surgeries ended his career. After having one  elbow surgery, Gil worked all winter 5 hours a day throwing with his left arm instead of sitting out a year to let his right arm heal and reported to Yankees spring training, throwing left handed at 85 mph and was assigned to the AA  Yankees team. An amazing incredible feat.

Gil is one of the top Pitching Coaches in Major League Baseball(MLB) and  currently is the Oakland A's Pitching Coach and Minor League Pitching Coordinator. Prior to that he was the Pitching Coach for the NY York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks & Toronto Blue Jays for the past 25 years.

Gil was called " The Cutter Guru" in a Sport Illustrated article by Albert Chen "The Cutter Pitch Changing the Game of Baseball". Gil has instructed many MLB pitchers who after his tutelage won the Cy Young Award which is the top pitcher. Roy Halladay one of the top MLB pitchers the last 10 seasons, won his first Cy Young Award while Gil coached him on the Toronto Blue Jays showing him the devastating Cutter Pitch and a Change-up. Roy went on to win another Cy Young Award with the Philadelphia Phillies pitching a Perfect Game and a post season no-hitter.

"Gil once threw a baseball so fast through a car wash and the baseball never got wet"

Joe has had articles written about him calling him the "Living Natural" after he won a contest sponsored by Anheuser-Busch called "Scouting for a Natural after the baseball movie "The Natural" with Robert Redford came out.

Joe overcame the death of his mom when he was 11 . His mom was a top athlete and female swimmer from Scotland who was one of the first women to attempt the 21 milestone feat of the swimming the English Channel. Joe's father became disabled from diabetes and PTSD from war service and passed a few years later at a VA hospital. Joe raised a 3-year younger brother who is a Bank Executive.

Joe has also coached and mentored numerous Little League All-Stars and over 300 High School All-Region and All-State players who went on to attend college on a baseball scholarship. 48 players were drafted by the Brewers, White Sox , Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees, Phillies, Rays, Royals, Mariners, Rangers, Angels & Diamondbacks.

Parents agree! Here's Carson's moms! Carson, who was cut from his 7th grade baseball school team and after Joe did instruction and mentored him , he transferred to a Private Christian Academy on Joe's recommendation and made the 8th grade football and baseball team and won the coaches award for the best player and team leader:

Carson's dad was injured as a Police Office and was shot on the job and became blind a year before Joe did instruction with Carson.

Joe is a trailblazer. He's worked with four Minor League baseball teams creating and overseeing all business, stadium and baseball operations an hid signed and coached over 200 talented college players to their first pro contract with the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League playing at the state-of-the art SF Giants, A's, Mariners, Padres, Indians, and Reds spring training stadiums. Some players after developing their skills in the Freedom Pro Baseball Minor League were signed and are playing on Major League Baseball (MLB) teams.

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