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Lessons from 2022

As the year winds down and we gear up for a new year full of new lessons, opportunities and moments that matter, I am taking some time to reflect on my lessons and learnings in 2022.

Choosing projects and collaboration partners that are the right fit.

This year I was blessed to collaborate with different experts and difference makers on projects. Choosing best fit partners with aligned visions and goals, and similar values is a much better approach to collaboration and creating impact.

Review and Learn: Review your goals regularly

This year I set more time aside to review my goals and priorities more regularly, this really helps you keep on top of what matters and in getting priorities accomplished. In 2023, I have set weekly time aside for this purpose.

I also love doing Review and Learns after projects, launches and new processes. The Review and Learn is essentially four questions:

  1. What worked well?

  2. What was a challenge?

  3. What did I learn?

  4. What will I do differently?

A great reminder this year was the power of connection both personally and in business.

Another lesson from 2022 was about identifying the "thread" that loops everything together.

As you go into your next year of moments, what's on your list for goals or lessons you hope to build on or learn?


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