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Let's Talk Towels - Winner - Gold Seal of Excellence

We are very proud to issue our Best Ever You Gold Seal of Excellence to Let's Talk Towels.

Our reviewers received two towels each to review and a beautiful, hand-written note from the owner of Let's Talk Towels, Becca Ott.

"These are exquisite. They are soft, gentle, light-weight and versatile." - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, CEO/Founder, The Best Ever You Network

Becca Ott said, "We love the lightweight, versatile nature of the towels and hope that you will appreciate their uses as much as we do. A few of our favorite places to use the towels are on the beach, in the grocery store, in the movie theater and as a cozy scarf in the chillier months. They also make great gifts for bridesmaids, babies and really, everyone!"

Our reviewers loved their beach towels!

Let's talk towels has a variety of designs and patterns. Visit Let's Talk Towels for more information.

About The Best Ever You Awards

The Best Ever You Awards celebrate excellence. Since 2009, we've been issuing our Seal of Excellence to books, people, businesses, brands and products that inspire people to be their best. Visit for more information.


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