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Making An Impact With Your Book

Many #entrepreneurs think about and dream about writing a book, but not everyone brings that dream to life. Writing the book is a lot of work, but the work really begins when it’s time to market and sell it.

The doorbell rings and, as you open the door, you see a bunch of cardboard boxes with your name on it. There’s nothing like opening those boxes of books with your name on the cover.

Then you might find yourself thinking… What am I going to do with all these books?

You might also be wondering…

  • How do I get book aligning events going?

  • What steps do I take to get media appearances secured?

  • Who do I talk to at bookstores and libraries to get my book on the shelves?

After you sell some books (especially if you’re doing so one at a time), you likely start thinking… This is a lot of work. How do I sell them in bulk or by the box?

After having five of my own books traditionally published and being published in 11 other books, I know only too well how quickly your books start to become permanent fixtures in your house.

Books stop selling when authors stop marketing.

Helping #authors sell books and create a bigger impact with their message is why I created the Your Book as a Business program ten years ago. I wanted to share with other authors how I double my sales at signings, how I do online and in-person book tours, how I use my books to get me booked for speaking opportunities, and how to sell books by the box.

Fast forward to current day … We now collaborate with Women Speakers Association and WSA Publishing on our program so we can help more authors together.

Once a year, we offer the 8-module program live online and throughout the year authors can access the self study program through individual modules or the complete program. Visit: to learn more.

Authors find this program so helpful, they return year after year to get the latest and greatest information to help them sell more books and make a bigger impact

What authors say about Your Book as a Business:

Your book can be a business and generate revenue. When you know the right steps to systematize your work, you save time, energy, and money.

Join Your Book As A Business to start making you book a business:


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