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New Best Ever You Thought Leaders

Hello Best Ever You Community!

Please join me in welcoming several new thought leaders to The Best Ever You Network!

Our thought leaders include authors, musicians, coaches, entrepreneurs and more! These individuals have been selected to be Thought Leaders on Best Ever You for 2020. Each will provide at least one article or vlog each month to support the 6 founding principles on Best Ever You: Core of You, Art of You, Heart of You, Humanity of You, Sport of You and Spirit of You, which was added with the help of thought leader Jennie Lee. We've also added four trusted guides to the leadership team. Our thought leaders are leading thinkers in the world in their own right, which we feel strongly align and support our Six Best Ever You Principles.

For more information and to view their pages and articles for each of our thought leaders, please visit

We've also compiled a list of books written by our thought leaders, which is updated each month:

Please note, thought leader, Sally Huss, has written over 100 books, so she has her own page on the site for them here:

Thank you so much and we hope you appreciate this amazing collection of hard work.

With Gratitude, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller


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