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Principal PSA to Students

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

1. We love you and have NOT deserted you. We are all being asked to do things to help keep everyone healthy. Some of things are fun, and some are not so fun. This will be over soon. Remember we love you.

2. We think about you every day!

3. Your family might be a little stressed right now. That is COMPLETELY NORMAL. Kind of like when your tummy hurts when you do something new, like before you take a test or maybe present to your class. Remember our breathing exercises? Show your family! You can be the teacher.

4. YOU might feel a little worried, anxious, or even scared. Your tummy might hurt, your head might hurt, or you may feel a little down. Know what? Completely normal. This is all new to us! YOU are SAFE. This is not a permanent situation.

5. Remember to ask questions and share how you are feeling. Talk to the adults in your family and talk to your teachers. Keep a diary or a journal and write everything down. Asking for help and sharing your feelings is a sign of STRENGTH.

6. Remember your school schedule? It will feel better if you get up at the same time that you usually get up for school. Take a shower, eat breakfast, and do some school work. Make sure you are going to bed at the same time. Make sure you are doing just a LITTLE gaming. Your family may be limiting your time online, and THAT IS OK. Remember, families sometimes impose boundaries you may not love. That is their job. Just like we have rules at school.

7. Are you getting outside? Ask your family if you can spend some time outside. Do the warm-ups and exercises you have learned in P.E. See how many times you can run around your home in 5 minutes. Or show your family all the GoNoodle songs you love. Did you know you can learn yoga or martial arts online. You can!

8. Look for the helpers. Do you see people doing kind things? What can YOU do? Can you write happy letters to your friends, neighbors, or teachers? Can you draw pretty pictures to send to nursing homes? Can you read to your younger siblings? Help your family by cleaning your home? Helping others make us feel better.

You are loved, you are safe, and I can’t wait to give you a hug soon!

~Kristin W. Stolte is an elementary principal at Linton Elementary in Fort Collins, Colorado. She is also the NAESP State Representative for Colorado and is on the CAESP Board.


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