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S3 - Paradigm Shift: E3 - Inner Dimensions

In this episode, we bring you Piyushi Sharma in conversation with Stuti Changle while they talk about 'Inner Dimensions'.

Our host; Piyushi Sharma is a marketing professional, currently working with a Big 4 audit firm. She started working at the age of 15 in various marketing roles. With experience in journalism, public speaking, soft skill training, event management and a mix of B2B and B2C marketing, she aims to someday be a part of the elite purple unicorn marketers.

Other than her full time job, she also runs her own brand, The 5 Minute Library where she works on a free-to-all podcast to develop a reading culture movement amongst Millennials and Gen Z. Piyushi also offers speaking engagement services under her brand. She has been stage speaking since the age of 9 and is a certified public speaker.

Her hobbies include making portrait oil paintings and she has recently started to explore the NFT space. Her NFTs are listed on Opensea and she is also a verified creator on WazirXNFTs.

Website; . . . Our guest; In 2016, after quitting her corporate career and devoid of its perks, Stuti Changle worked as a freelancer in the domain of marketing by the day helping her clients craft a compelling narrative for their websites, blogs and social media to make ends meet. Stuti conceived the idea of her first book, 'On The Open Road' in 2016 while sitting in Starbucks Cybercity Gurgaon.

She self-published her second book ‘You Only Live Once’ and sold a record 13,000+ copies on her own making the book one of the highest selling self-published titles in India. She believes in the power of community and feels that her readers and supporters have been the warriors in helping spread the word of mouth for her books. Her readers, mostly Indian millennials searching for the meaning of life, relate to what the characters from her books go through and feel thoroughly motivated to take the plunge after reading her stories. The slumping sales of On The Open Road revived after the second book became a runaway bestseller.

She credits the overnight success of her second book to the years of consistent hard work and learning from every failure that came her way after quitting her corporate career. She campaigned on her own for three years – travelled to every corner of India, built a social media presence, packed and dispatched books to customers, and spent sleepless nights in a row. Her in-laws, new family, also helped her with managing book operations as she turned her home into a warehouse post marriage.

She wants to publish many more titles and possibly get her books adapted into movies.

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