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Simon Daniels - Aligning Our Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Actions to the Best Possible Decisions

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Best Ever You is proud to welcome Simon Daniels as one of our 20 Thought Leaders for 2020! In this quick intro video, Simon starts to share a bit about how he navigates through life as the lead singer of Autograph. From the decisions he makes to the way he thinks, feels, as well as his words and actions, Simon encourages us all to take responsibility.

About Simon Daniels

Simon Daniels is a singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist most known as the lead singer, guitarist of the multi platinum band Autograph.

After many years of internal and external struggle Simon became a observant and student of life incorporating a philosophy for well-being through living in a fully conscience state of mind based in the importance of prioritizing all decisions and choices from moment to moment from thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Simon resides in Los Angeles when not on tour. Simon is one of our 15 thought leaders for 2020 on Best Ever You.

Simon Daniels - 2020 Thought Leaders on Best Ever You
2020 Thought Leaders on Best Ever You


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