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Talking about mental health

Mental Health is such an important conversation, especially now given what the world is living and navigating through. Yet, it is a conversation that many avoid.

Join us for a Mental Health Conversation at

The conversation on July 7 at 9 am MT will be one that includes:

- Michael Mankowski Screenwriter/Director of Back Home Again movie,

- Kevin Weidlich, President & CEO Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo Economic Development & Tourism

- Jenn McManus, Vice President, Canadian Red Cross Alberta & Northwest Territories

- David Grauwiler, Executive Director, CMHA Alberta

You will also learn about the Back Home Again movie

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Unknown member
Jul 13, 2021

Hey Charmaine, I do agree with your point. No buddy gives importance to the mental help, also they don't even want to talk about it. I had seen the video you had shared it's awesome. It was highly motivational, especially when everything around you is so negative. Thank you for sharing such good thoughts. Please let us know if you have more upcoming conversations or please share some more motivational videos. Thank you.

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