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The Real Reason You're Not Seeing The Results You Are Seeking

We all have this image in our head about how we’re supposed to look, how we’re supposed to feel, how we’re supposed to live our lives…

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent years yoyo-ing in every area of your life. If you’ve used the fast and furious method over and over again to simply crash and burn…I hear you! I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit, but that’s ok, because without all those failed attempts I wouldn’t have had the burning desire to find a different way, a better way.

You see, I was so enslaved to my old ways. So incredibly disconnected from who I was and why I wanted things or outcomes. I wanted things from a place of lack, from a place of discontent.

It took time & many trials and errors for me to finally get it right! It took time for me to finally come to my senses and understand that slow and steady will win the race every single time.

The reason you are still stuck in your old ways is simple, yet it’s so close that many of us are oblivious to it. We’re wanting from all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons.

We want to loose weight, not to feel good, not to be healthier, but to look like Polly next door. We want to “fit” the part. We tear ourselves apart every time we walk past the mirror, hating on our bodies, day in and day out.

We want to be happy, but we keep focusing on all that is making us unhappy.

We want to have a big house, but we fail to appreciate the home we have now and all it provides us.

We want to get that raise, but we don’t believe we’re worthy of it.

We want our relationship with our partner to be better, yet we keep focusing on all they are doing wrong.

You seeing the trend yet?!?!

We wake up every day focusing on all that is going wrong in our lives.

We wake up with a desire for more, but that desire is coming from a place of lack.

We belittle ourselves in hopes it will make us better by some miraculous occurrence.

I’m not judging you because this is how I lived most of my life. As far back as I can remember, it had always been about wanting more, better, bigger…. I had so much, yet focused on all that I didn’t.

This took away so much happiness. It took away so many moments where I could’ve experienced joy but instead I spent those moments yearning for something different.

I spent years focusing on all the wrong things for the wrong reasons! I was caught up in the vicious cycle that society had programmed me to be in.

I was a victim of my desires, because it was never enough. I thought that my success would be determined by the size of my house, my car, my bank account. I thought that my worth would be determined by how much prestige I’d be able to attain.

I thought that exterior validation was THE validation I needed to be enough!

Until I learned that there was something different….a different way. It took time, but I’m finally here.

I no longer look for the quick fix, because I know that anything worth having takes time. I no longer need external validation because I know that the only validation I need comes from within. I no longer focus on what I do not have, but rather everything and everyone I have in my life that make it so complete.

I focus on all the dreams that I’ve created into this reality. We often forget that the life we’re living in this moment is the one we prayed for all that time ago.

I focus on feeling healthy and happy and that allows me to be consistent and gentle with myself. It allows me to reach goals consistently. It allows me to do things imperfectly and still get the results I desire.

I focus on becoming a happier & healthier version of ME. I focus on loving myself unconditionally because when I come from this space, I show up for myself.

I no longer allow myself to play the comparison game, at least not with others. The only person I want to be better than is myself.

I’ve come to realize I am beautiful at any size, with any hair color. My beauty is no longer determined by the cover of a magazine or the latest fashion trends, but rather by the person I am on the inside.

My worth is determined by the type of human being I am. By how I can love unconditionally, by how I create impact in the world, by the contributions I make, by the connection I foster with myself and others.

I’ve come to realize that material things are great and beautiful, but in the end the only thing that will matter is how I felt and how I made others feel. The only things that will matter will be the adventures I went on with my family and the laughter we shared. The moments that I will remember will have nothing to do with how I looked or what people thought of me.

It will be about the health and happiness I was able to achieve.

You know what?!? Since I’ve had these epiphanies, I’ve reached more goals, created more health and more bliss in my life than ever before.

The key isn’t in how fast you go, it’s in how consistent you are and how much you believe in you! Do things from a space of love & abundance rather than fear & lack. Your world will change dramatically! If you’re not sure how to get there, reach out, let’s chat!


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