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Time to Write your Eulogy?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Do you ever think about … DYING? Say W H A T? You know... The big D, the end of everything?

More specifically, have you ever thought about what you'd like to have said about you AFTER you die?

And what impact you would like to have made in people's lives, and the world?

Today I would like you to invite you to take that leap and think about what you would like to have spoken as your EULOGY when you die.

And write it down!

Why? Well, come along to this instalment of the Tour of Consciousness and find out.

I’ve done this, and it has created a remarkable and beautiful awareness of who I would like to be and create myself as in this life-time.

Over time, it has also shown me that I am indeed on my way there; I am on the right track.

So please don’t do it! :-)

It could even (beware) be kind of…fun.

Happy writing!



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