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Unleash Your Power - Kirsten Blakemore

We are proud to issue our Gold Seal of Excellence in Books to Kirsten Blakemore for her book Unleash Your Power.

We first met Kirsten on Linked In and she graciously and without hesitation jumped right in to support two of our personal book launches, Self Confident Sandy and Best Ever You 52 Week Journal to Your Bravest, Boldest You.

Kirsten is an amazing example of women supporting other women and a definite leader to watch as see her brand continues to grow. Kirsten is also a thought leader on

We found Unleash Your Power to be as easy as 1-2-3,with a well-written, go-to guide to get back on track. The book is complete with mindful moments and exercises to practice what we are learning. The book empowers women to be their best.

About Unleash Your Power

Have you ever found yourself just going through the motions of life, wishing there were more? Are you spending your time at work as an inauthentic version of yourself, just to get the job done in peace or to bring home a paycheck? When you speak, do you feel your voice isn’t being heard? Do you feel bound by obligation and duty, only to come home at night, overwhelmed and exhausted from the day? In her work as a coach and a facilitator, Kirsten Blakemore challenges women to reclaim their lives through self-awareness and choice.

Women who have felt shut down learn how to wake up their inner strength and creativity so that they can shake up their life and create the outcomes they have always wanted but never dared to dream they could have.

In her book, Unleash Your Power, Kirsten outlines a three-step process to empower women to make a greater impact within the workspace. You will learn how to arm yourself to achieve your goals, to lead with authenticity, and to master self-awareness through these three simple steps. Women who embody resilience, compassion, and strength will learn how to tap into and embrace their inner wisdom to live their values. Kirsten continues to coach women who are ready to take the next step in their careers to create balance in an overwhelming world, to find their voice when feeling stuck, and to courageously own their worth.

More About Kirsten Blakmore

Kirsten's background of competing in athletics and in the Miss USA Pageant gave her a foundation for what it meant to win as well as fail fast in business. Where she truly found her passion was working with hundreds of organizations across all industries, uncovering their blocks to success. Identifying obstacles to forward movement in business can be difficult but understanding how to "fix" them can be even more of a challenge. Her expertise working within companies from leaders to front line employees enables her to have unique access to the most common barriers preventing success.

In her keynotes, Kirsten actively engages her audiences to create fertile ground for possibility. The first step in change is having an open mindset. Her mission has always been to create safe space for people to think differently, empowering their best selves.

Kirsten has developed into a massive equity champion over the years and has created both Diversity and Inclusion as well as women in business curricula. She is well versed on the impact limited thinking has on company culture and has mentored expansion of thought and shares those principles through various outlets. She is a published author on topics such as company culture, failure, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and women in business. These publications can be found on Forbes, and LinkedIn. She has written a chapter in the bestselling book, "Women Leaders with Inspiring Stories" (found on Amazon). Her recent book for women called "Unleash Your Power" is available now.

Kirsten holds many coaching credentials such as CPCC from The Coaches Training Institute, Forbes Coach member, ICF accredited PCC and is a certified Health Coach along with her Master's in Psychology from Pepperdine.


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