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Uplifting - Best Ever You Awards - Winner - Best Books

Written by Dr. Katie Eastman, UPLIFTING: Inspiring Stories of Loss, Change, and Growth Inspirited by the work of Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is Best Ever You Awards recipient for Best Books.

In the vast expanse of human experience, there is one constant that binds us all: change. Change and loss are intrinsic parts of our lives, weaving through the very fabric of our existence, both personal and professional. It shapes our destiny, molds our character, and determines the course of our journey. Yet, despite its inevitability, embracing change remains one of the most daunting challenges we face. Uplifting gives readers tools and offers examples of how to rise above loss of all kinds validating the impact of losses both big and small. Author Dr. Katie Eastman doesn’t simply focus on the psychological aspects of change but also takes a comprehensive view, addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual dimensions. Her compassionate perspective provides invaluable guidance for individuals no matter where they find themselves on the ever-evolving path of life. Uplifting is not just a book; it is a beacon of light in the sometimes dark and uncertain world of loss and change. Dr. Eastman guides with grace and wisdom, reminding us that the intertwined elements of change and loss are not adversaries but companions on our journey. Her words will inspire, guide, and empower you to rise above your seemingly lowest points and thrive.

About Dr. Katie Eastman

Dr. Katie Eastman is a compassionate change coach, organizational change consultant, author and speaker. Dr. Katie Eastman, known as The Change Coach, is a Grief, Loss and Transition Coach, a Doctoral level licensed psychotherapist and a medical social worker with extensive training in the field of Pastoral Psychology. 

She brings this unique set of skills and training to supporting individuals anywhere in the English speaking world who is ready and has a desire to address any of the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social aspects of living. Change is part of this dynamic.

She attended Boston University School of Theology and The University of Houston School of Social Work and acquired a Doctorate in Child Psychology. Dr. Katie Eastman has held a series of mental health-related positions working with children and families, culminating in work with seriously ill and dying children and adults and their caregivers and most recently suicidal teens and bereaved parents. As a licensed psychotherapist, licensed social worker and life coach specializing in loss and transition, she supports individuals and communities before, during and after serious loss. 

By allowing the pain of loss to serve as an opportunity for positive change she works with you through a targeted individual strategy. Facing loss can remind us of what we value most providing opportunity to consciously make choices that re- affirm these values in all aspects of our lives. Over time, this process of reaffirming and recreating our lives reveals the skills, gifts and talents we bring to the world. 

When we experience loss of a significant relationship or experience a life transition from Illness, Divorce, Retirement, Job loss/ change or relocation as well as more serious losses impacted by trauma, it creates emotional pain we know as grief. Grief and loss can be individual or collective. 

The choices we make in the midst of our grief determines our capacity to use loss as a catalyst to improve our lives rediscovering love and peace. 

Dr. Katie is also a community engagement consultant with the skills and passion to assist groups, communities and businesses with implementing effective social change through goal setting, strategic planning and collaborative action steps. 

An engaging author and storyteller, she is known as an authentic force for good and love. 


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