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5 Best, Must-Read Children’s Books About Food Allergies

These books inspire children with food allergies to value themselves for the discipline that they must have in regards to food choices and educate all who read and share.

Books are a fantastic way to share concepts with children. Having dealt with food allergies now for over 25 years, I took a look at what is out there for kids about food allergies to help educate kids and also help with the social and classroom aspects.

These will certainly educate kids who are unaware of food allergies and encourage them to be especially kind to kids with it. I believe they will also inspire those kids who do have this condition to value themselves for the discipline that they must have in regards to food choices. Everyone learns something important with this books.

Here are my top five books:

A Lesson For Every Child – Learning About Food Allergies

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Bookshop | Add on GoodReads Learning was everything to Mrs. Emerson. So when a new student was brought into her classroom, Mrs. Emerson was delighted because she discovered that this young man knew something that everyone needed to know. She told her class that Jack was just like everyone else, except for one thing – he had food allergies. “Would you like to explain that to us, Jack?” Jack proceeds to educate us all. This book is endorsed by Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), MedicAlert® Foundation, Elijah Alavi Foundation, The Love for Giovanni Foundation, No Nut Traveler, and Food Allergy Zone.

Nutley the Nut-Free Squirrel

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Bookshop | Add on GoodReads Nutley, the Nut-Free Squirrel is about an adorable squirrel who doesn’t let his nut allergy slow him down. The book focuses on educating children about allergies and that it is okay to have them. The book also explores different types of food allergies through Nutley’s friends.

Daniel Has an Allergy

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Bookshop | Add on GoodReads When Daniel eats a peach for the first time, he learns that he is allergic to the fruit. Thankfully, Dad and Doctor Anna take care of him. Daniel learns how he can take care of his allergy—even at school! A wonderful story for children with food allergies or for those who know someone with them.

The BugaBees – Friends with Food Allergies

The BugaBees: Friends with Food Allergies tells the story of eight best buggy friends and the different food challenges they face on a daily basis. At home and at school, at the park, or on the beach, BugaBees find ways to stay safe, have fun, and remember that the joy of friendship is far sweeter than any food they can, or in some cases, can’t have.

Why Can’t I have a Cupcake?

Rory loves cupcakes, but he can’t eat them because they make his tummy hurt. When he goes to his friend’s birthday party, he learns that he’s not the only one who has to avoid certain foods, and he has a great time at the party.

Let’s keep moving forward with raising awareness for everyone with food allergies. I hope this collection of books would help children, classrooms and families dealing with food allergies.

By the way, did I miss any of your favorite food allergy books for kids? Please share about them in the comments below.


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