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Best Ever You Magazine Featuring Artist Thomas Dambo

The latest issue of Best Ever You Magazine is here!

This quarter's issue features artist Thomas Dambo and is available to purchase in print or view free online.

It’s a beautiful time of the year to weave in rest, reading, relaxation and bring in awareness! I’m experimenting this year with this approach and so far, it’s working better for me.

Usually, I’m feeling overly tired from the Holidays and then I charge into the first few months of the year with classes for people, shows to help everyone have a great year and have even done shows during the Holidays to help people finish the year strong. This year, I am quiet. I am reading. I am exercising. I am watching TV. I am eating less and I am bringing in more peace. My husband and I are even very late taking down decorations and are just letting things be. We’re heading to South Carolina for the next eight weeks to escape the Maine snow and ice season.

If you’ve charged ahead in January at full speed and find yourself dwindling in energy, use February and March for your opposite months to just do a little bit less here and there. Detox your life, social media, phone use and so forth and add in peaceful activities that benefit your future self. Weave in peace.

Speaking of peaceful, the cover of the quarter's magazine features world-famous artist Thomas Dambo. You'll see him on the cover with one of the trolls he creates. Thomas Dambo is considered the world’s leading recycling artist, and is internationally known for his art installations, most notably his giant troll sculptures. From a young age, Thomas’ parents instilled the value and importance of recycling and sustainability. His clever mind saw the opportunity to use free recycled materials to build tree houses, games, and artistic creations right from his imagination which has transpired into the life and career he has today.

Here in Maine, he created Guardians of the Gardens at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Thomas and I recently collaborated to include one of his Maine trolls in my new children’s book Blueberry and Jam - Adventures in Maine. Thank you!

I’d like to invite you to read this quarter’s issue of Best Ever You Magazine which features several contributors and authors from Health Communications, Inc. also known as HCI. My books, as well as many contributors’ books are published by HCI.

This magazine is always dedicated to helping you be your best, with this issue mostly focusing on health and well-being. As always, thank you so much for being here with us!

My Best, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, Founder and CEO


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