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Changing Your Life

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Changing Your Life

Many of you know, I am in Minnesota right now going on week two with my dad in ICU. His has kidney cancer (I don't want to capitalize it even...) and is in ICU due to a bleed from that surgery. He is fighting for his life, as is everyone in here. There is no such thing as being stable and being in ICU. So, as I sit here in the ICU unit with my dad now for about 2 weeks and see the many people here in rooms, several deaths and my own father suffering, it really does scream "Life is short!!!" ~~ and definitely too short to be frustrated or miserable or to constantly wish for something and not see how to achieve it or understand how make lasting change." Tell this to lady who had a reaction to the flu shot and wound up in ICU or the routine colononscopy gone sour or the lady who collapsed in the middle of the grocery store and I'll bet if they backed up time and had some things to do over, they might. Crap ( I said that politely.) happens and you never really know when it might happen to you. I was just talking to a nurse yesterday who has a friend with four small babies and the father was killed in a car accident about 4 months ago. It got me thinking about January. January sort of annoys me because the media collectively decides to push "A New You" "Resolutions" and all of this stuff to help you have a better year ahead. Before January hits in just around 8 short weeks and you are bombarded with resolutions that fail and frustrations or endless lists of things you want to differently in your life, I thought I would chime in.... There is no magic to the date. I say start now. The minute you finish reading this, start living your life to the fullest. Don't hold back. You never know what might happen between now and that magical January day.... I am here today to help you chart a course to change your life forever. To help you stop wishing for it and start working for it. To help you learn how to break habits, learn new skills, get over the “how” and discover the “what”. Someone wrote me hate mail that says "Well who are you to tell me to live my best life?" Well hater guy, I'm just me and that should be plenty good enough :) Read me, don't read me, It's really up to you, but I can promise you that your hate mail won't discourage me from my mission to help people, including you :) Seldom is there a mention of the mindset that must accompany life changes. Yes, you’re unhealthy, but WHY? Yes, you are in a sucky job, but WHY? And on and on. There is a lot of determination, consistency, motivation, lack of fear and many other things that mix into the change soup that must be eaten to bring you off the hamster wheels. I will keep this real, simple and practical. I will not use endless cliches to live your life by. This is about authenticity. I am a real person with real problems and a real life. ( I just happen to like to think, write and blab about it. ) Wrapping Your Head Around It – You want to change Life is a revolving door of endless choices and the thing of it is - not one single person can force you to change. Throw in a little fear into the mix and it could be a recipe for Hamsterology. You have to want to change. It is really just a flat out hard thing to do. Change. Change What? Change How? Change Why? Where? When? Completely head-spinning and before you know it a few weeks or months have passed and guess what? Nothing has CHANGED! In some cases, things may have even gotten worse! So my challenge to you is to write down 5 things you would like to change. Just do that for now. Grab a notebook or a journal and write down those 5 things you want to change. What did you write? All My Best, Elizabeth About Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of The Best Ever You Network. Elizabeth loves to improve her own life and those around her with small lasting changes.


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