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Getting Settled With The Sunset

I’ve been in Taos New Mexico for the week. It’s beautiful here with vast expanses, snow-capped mountains, and breath-taking sunsets. On the first night, my family and I watched the sun go down over the desert terrain and it was the highlight of our entire day. Every night since, we’ve stood outside and watched the sunset and every night it has filled us with awe. We are all addicted. I’m a big fan of taking the time to step outside and take in the sunset. It is a form of meditation, and like all meditation, it is settling. This doesn’t seem like a terribly exciting effect, but we can all use a bit of settling right now, right? Being settled is inhabiting your body in the moment, or as Ram Das put it, being here now. It eradicates the monkey mind, deepens the breath and calms the nerves. When you look at it this way, as little as 5minutes of witnessing the sun set may actually be the best act of self-care you can do all day! Sunsets are everyday. Sunsets are everywhere. Sunsets are free. Just go to the weather app on your phone to find out the exact time of your sunset. I suggest getting yourself outside 5minutes beforehand to watch it thoroughly, so dress appropriately and find the right spot to view the show. You can bring a friend, family member or a pet, or you can go it alone. Even when the weather is overcast and the sunset isn’t terribly obvious, it is still settling - it still does the trick.

About Ellen Barrett

Ellen Barrett is a well-known exercise video creator, with best-selling titles like Crunch: Fat Burning Pilates, Prevention Magazine’s Flat Belly Diet Workout & The Yogini Workout. From 2006 – 20011, she starred in Fit TV’s All-Star Workouts. She’s the author of four wellness books, including her latest, The 28Days Lighter Diet (Skirt!, 2014). Ellen holds certifications in yoga, Pilates, nutrition & group exercise as well as a master's degree in Education. Combining mind/body methods with empowering self-help concepts is her forte. She lives in Connecticut with her family.  Visit


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