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Join Us! Pinky Doodle Dance Book Launch Party!

Our new book Pinky Doodle Dance (Waldorf Publishing, October 4, 2021) is here and we'd love you to join us for Book Launch Party to celebrate on October 14, 2021.

This new children's book is currently available in paperback, with hard cover, audible and eBook versions coming soon!

Authors Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller are so excited to introduce book 2 in the Pinky Doodle Bug & Friends book series, which includes the best-selling, award-winning book Pinky Doodle Bug.

Pinky Doodle Dance

Let your child's imagination soar by joining Pinky and her friends on another adventure! Did you know that each year, around this time, Pinky and her friends all gather for the biggest dance party ever? Together, once again, they “Let their dreams fly” and help each other be their best. From the best-selling Pinky Doodle Bug authors, Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino and Kris Fuller, this book is perfect for children learning to read and parents who want to share the joy of reading, writing, drawing and dreaming. Pinky Doodle Bug is full of light-footed rhymes and delightful illustrations that are sure to make this wonderful tale an instant favorite.

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Thank you,

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino & Kris Fuller


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