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Life Changing Benefits of Working with a Dietitian to Alter Your Eating Habits

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 42% of the US population is obese. These conditions put people at a greater risk for certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Most people know they need to lose weight, but they are often lost as to what to do to make it happen. The good news is that there is a resource not enough people are turning to simply because they are unaware of the many benefits.

"Working with a dietitian puts people ahead of the game, vastly increasing their chances of being successful with losing weight and getting well," explains Jennifer Scherer, a registered dietitian nutritionist, medical exercise specialist, certified personal trainer and owner of Fredericksburg Fitness Studio. “We've helped many people make healthy dietary and lifestyle changes."

Dietitians are specially trained people who can help others plan their diets, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dietitians typically earn a bachelor's degree and undergo an internship. They can play an essential role in helping people to make healthy changes and improve their overall wellness.

Here are 5 life changing benefits of working with a dietitian to modify your eating habits:

  • Conflicting information. People seeking diet information often search online, only to find contradictory information. A lot of it is published by unqualified people rather than based on research, leaving the reader to be lost and confused. Working with a dietitian will help ensure that you get detailed information based on nutrition science.

  • Customized plans. Only some people can follow the same diet plan because not everyone likes the same foods. It's no help to get a menu or shopping plan filled with items you wouldn't eat or cannot find at your local store. A dietitian can create a custom diet plan that meets your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Support and accountability. It is easy to throw a diet or quest for a new eating habit out the window if nobody is looking. When you work with a dietitian, there is a sense of accountability and support. When you meet with the person, you can discuss issues, challenges, concerns, successes, etc.

  • Address ailments. There are some specific issues that dietitians can help address, including pregnancy, food allergies, chronic diseases, high blood pressure, digestive problems, eating disorders, and diabetes. Getting a customized plan with support that addresses a specific issue can be beneficial.

  • You need help. Most people who want to make diet and lifestyle changes have attempted it independently. Usually, many times. They are at the point where they know they need help. This is a great time to turn to work with a dietitian, so there will be actual results rather than another disappointing attempt.

“Rather than being discouraged and giving up, as often happens, give working with a dietitian a try," added Scherer. "If you commit to yourself for a few months by working with a dietitian and personal trainer, you will be amazed at the results and wish you had done it sooner."

Scherer is a registered dietitian who works to help people improve their diet, plan for sustainable weight loss, and offer ways to incorporate healthier food choices. She and her team offer nutrition coaching services, wellness, personal training, in-home medical training, virtual personal training, and a Pilates reformer program, which features a versatile machine designed to provide resistance. It can be used when standing, sitting, or lying down. All workouts on it are custom-tailored for the individual to address their physical fitness concerns.

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio doesn't offer memberships as other gyms do. They offer private customized fitness programs that are available by appointment. Many people who go to the studio are referrals from physical therapists and doctors. The wellness professionals at the studio communicate with the medical teams to keep them up to date on patient progress. To learn more about Fredericksburg Fitness Studio, visit the site:


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