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Raising Awareness for Food Allergies with our Best-Selling Children's Book

Hello Best Ever You Network!

As you may know, raising awareness for those of us with food allergies is near and dear to my heart. I'd like to ask for your support this week to help us continue to raise even more awareness with your purchase and donation of our children's book A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies.

We're asking for your help to purchase our ebook for $2.99.

We'd also love for your to purchase either the hard cover or paperback version and donate it to your local school, library or to a local medical office or Allergist.

Hard Cover


Elizabeth's personal story:

As many of you know, I developed life-threatening food allergies as an adult in my mid-20s. I live my daily life with Anaphylaxis to peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish as well as multiple medications. Among multiple allergic reactions, I've had two near-fatal reactions, one while 6 months pregnant with our son Cam. As a result, I've dedicated much of my life to helping all of us, of all ages, stay alive and thrive with food allergies.

I am a spokesperson for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team and MedicAlert Foundation and was featured in the children's book One of the Gang with Football's Jerome Bettis, who was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2015. My story is also featured in the Hay House book PERCOLATE - Let Your Best Self Filter Through.

About A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies

Learning was everything to Mrs. Emerson. So when a new student was brought into her classroom, Mrs. Emerson was delighted because she discovered that this young man knew something that everyone needed to know. She told her class that Jack was just like everyone else, except for one thing – he had food allergies. “Would you like to explain that to us, Jack?” Jack proceeds to educate us all.

This book is endorsed by Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), MedicAlert® Foundation, Elijah Alavi Foundation, The Love for Giovanni Foundation, No Nut Traveler, and Food Allergy Zone.

What People Say

"This delightful story can be used to help children understand the challenges that children with food allergies go through on a daily basis. In kid-friendly language, it answers questions that children may have about food allergies. It also can be read to help those with food allergies know that they’re not alone. I highly recommend A Lesson for Every Child: Learning About Food Allergies to elementary teachers, parents, school nurses, children’s librarians, and anyone else who reads to young children!"

"I’m lost for words!! This ebook was so amazing I will be purchasing the actual book to add to my children’s library!! My son is allergic to everything and sometime he has a hard time excepting that out of fear of being judged my his friends. Often times he feels alone but this book can definitely help his self confidence. Thank you so much for this well illustrated book!"

"Great book for children WITH and WITHOUT allergies! Helps explain what it’s like to live with allergies...Perfect addition to any classroom!"



Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino & Sally Huss


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