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Resolutions, Declarations and Manifestation

Happy New Year 2020! Welcome to a new day, a new year and a new decade. As 2019 was winding down, I found myself thinking more about the tradition of setting New Years resolutions. And for me the thought process of transitioning from resolutions, to goals, to declarations.

For many of us, resolutions may have been general declarations. I may say I am going to get fit in the new year. I am going to eat better this year. Or even say I am going to be a better person this year. These may have been statements we could share with friends at NYE parties. In recent years we tend to splash them on social media (or in blog posts!). They can also tend to miss actions, or accountability steps. I may have had years where I said I was going to take better care of myself before midnight on 12/31, and was at a bar with wings and beers watching football before 4 pm on 1/1!

Over the years my general resolutions took the form of more specific goal setting. I will find a new job or opportunity this year. We will take an amazing family vacation. This year I will cut out carbs and bring back the abs. While similar to my resolutions, I would typically be more serious about the outcomes. If I was focusing on career, the resume would be polished, and in the days of Monster and Career Builder posted and jobs searched. The carbs would be cut, gym membership renewed or started, and plans for workouts in place. In recent years we’d even include a vision board with pictures and motivational quotes.

After losing my father in June of 2018, my ability to go through the motions was at peak level. I had a general feeling of contentment at work, which under deeper observation may have been described as unhappiness. At the time, I didn’t know why, but synchronicity led me to discover Gordana Biernat on Twitter (@mypowertalk). I read Gordana’s Twitter feed like therapy sessions, and purchased and read (still read) her book #Know the Truth. I had seen the tweets discussing 1:1 coaching with Gordana, and jumped in early in 2019. And let me emphatically say here again,  coaching with Gordana is life changing.

And in 2019, I quit my job. Deb and I started a business, stood up a website, and I have been blogging and put my toe in the water with coaching and speaking. I was virtually introduced to Elizabeth and the Best Ever you Network, and feel blessed to be able to share posts here with you.

Needless to say this year felt different. I wanted to focus on goals, and the very specific actions to support my goals. But I also wanted to support my belief in synchronicity, visualization and manifestation. Which led me this year to flip the verbiage a bit to using declarations. These items that are part of my goals, and as 2020 approached I wanted to more specifically declare what I am working towards visualizing and manifesting in the days, weeks, months and year ahead.

I took to Twitter New Years Eve, and have posted some of the items I am working towards and will continue to visualize and manifest. Some of these are:

- I will finish my first book in the first quarter of 2020 (learning how to find a publisher comes next!)

- I will continue coaching with Gordana in 2020

- Deb and I will start a foundation to help give back to local charities

- I will continue to write and speak more in 2020, with opportunities to work with people like Gordana, Elizabeth and many of you here on Best Ever You!

And wherever you are in your journey, stating resolutions, setting goals, or declaring what you wish for as 2020 begins, one thing remains unchanged. I send you much love, light and laughter and know 2020 will be your best year yet!

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Best Ever You
Best Ever You
Jan 01, 2020

So glad to have met you in 2019! Looking forward to all you do!

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