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Summer Reading Recommendations

Hi! It's me, Elizabeth with some Summer reading recommendations.

Here at The Best Ever You Network, we love great books! Here are some books that were written by members in our network that I recommend. Enjoy and please support our authors!

The books include:

Practical Happiness- Four Principles to Improve Your Life - Pamela Gail Johnson

The Healed Empath - Kristen Schwartz

The Science of Stuck - Britt Frank

Happier Made Simple - Randye Kaye

The Change Guidebook - Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

940 Saturdays - Dr. Harley Rotbart

The One Hour Miracle - Dr. Andrew Hahn & Joan Beckett

Emotional Detox Now - Sherianna Boyle

Lady and the Tribe - Brenda Ridgley

We're All in This Together - Mike Robbins

Made in Hollywood: The Scott Morrow Story - Jennifer Vaughn

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