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Top 10 Ways to NOT Gain Weight this Holiday Season

I hope you are enjoying this time of year and all of the goodness that comes with it. I am sure you want to enjoy all the goodies and treats without gaining a pound too, right?

Well, I have some great tips and strategies for you today!

Think simple baby steps that let you keep your waistline and enjoy the holidays!!

1. Make the decision to FUEL your body! - You would never dump garbage in your car’s gas tank so do not do it to your body’s gas tank. Eliminate sugar as much as possible. Yes, I realize it is the holidays and there is a ton of sweets around. Make your own and make them healthy. Got to google and put whatever your favorite is along with the word "Paleo" and upgrade your treats.

2. Eat for the season! I have special holiday foods that I love. I make a choice that my health is more important than gorging myself on them, but I do still enjoy them in moderation. If you are going to indulge this time of year, indulge on the things that you can only get this time of year. Don’t waste a splurge on something you can get the rest of the year round.

3. Baby bites! A key to remember here is that your taste buds really only get excited by the first 2 or 3 bites, after that it all tastes the same. So enjoy a bite or two, and leave the rest.

4. Wear tight fitting clothes. You might get a date, but the more important reason is that if you are wearing tight fitting or tailored clothes, you will be VERY aware when they start getting a little tighter from eating. This will encourage you to put the fork down sooner.

5. It is OK to blame me! If you are at a party and someone will not take no for an answer when you politely decline something they made from the heart just for you, simply tell them:

“I would love to, but my nutritionist won’t let me. Thank you for understanding.”

6. Fill up on fun. Dance, sing, chat up a storm. When you are engaged in an activity or conversation, you will forget about stuffing your mouth (unless you really are hungry) and will enjoy your time so much more, not to mention save hundreds of calories in the process.

7. Stay Small. When making a trip to the food table, buffet, or your kitchen, use a salad or appetizer plate. If you use a small plate, even just a few bites will make the plate look full and in your mind’s eye look like a lot of food. Unlike if you use a large plate and put a few bites on it, it looks empty and you will feel as if it isn’t nearly enough. Perception is everything!

8. Start with the sparkly! Drink 2 large glasses of water, sparkling. The carbonation and fluid will make you feel fuller and you will not overeat. Not to mention it feels more festive than still water. Throw a lemon, lime, or some berries in it to create a mocktail.

9. Strategic Positioning! When you are at a function, find yourself a place to sit or stand away from the food so you will need to make an effort to get more instead of standing next to the food table and mindlessly eating. When you are at home, use a small plate and put the rest of the food away - Out of sight, out of mind.

10. Be Prepared. Don’t get caught out racing around shopping or on your way to a holiday party completely famished. That will only lead to failure and frustration. A tiny bit of pre-planning or forethought goes a very long way! Have a bag of raw almonds or a quality protein bar along with water in your car or purse. It will take just enough of the edge off your hunger that you can make better choices.

Enjoy the holidays and all of the special things that accompany them, bearing in mind, it is much easier to Be Well than it is to Get Well.

Live each day with intention and on purpose. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish and how wonderful life can truly be!

About Jen Beck:

Jen Beck is a Speaker, Registered Nutrition Consultant, and Certified LIIFT practitioner who truly believes that you can transform your health and create lifelong change through Baby Steps. Jen is the founder of Complete Health Revolution and the creator of Simple Wellness for Life and 28 Days to a New You.

She has provided nutrition and lifestyle guidance to over 5000 clients suffering needlessly from chronic stress-related health problems, excess fat and poor energy levels. Jen is known internationally for her holistic programs, workshops and keynotes, along with her individual guidance which helps people effortlessly maintain their weight, reduce and eliminate the need for medications and skyrocket their energy.

As a result of witnessing her mom’s rapid decline in health from MS, Jen went on a mission to teach others how to make simple lifestyle changes to rapidly transform one’s health, one Baby Step at a time. Her system is founded on the principles of bio-individuality, eating whole foods, and getting to the root cause of the issues, so they can be resolved, not treated.

The best way to reach Jen is through email:

or visit where you can download Jen’s 5 Healthy Hacks for Busy People

You can follow her on Facebook


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